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When it comes to creating a home interior that reflects your tastes, it can be difficult to stick to one style. If you love vintage items but don’t want your space to seem like it got stuck in time, don’t despair. With these five tips, you can incorporate vintage pieces in a modern interior and still have a polished, cohesive look.

1. Avoid visual overload

Combining vintage pieces from different eras can create a wonderfully eclectic and intriguing interior, but make sure you don’t cross the line into visual overload. When blending antique styles, stick to several basic rules:

Choose a color palette with a couple of base colors and an accent and keep your furnishings within the palette. For example, if you’re going for a majority of antique dark wood, don’t add an out-of-place pine wood piece.

Choose just a few textures and patterns to combine If you are using a very ornate or busy vintage textile, for example, stick to block colors for the rest of your palette.

Select pieces with forms that complement and relate to each other, and pay attention to symmetry, line, and heights. For example, if you have several art deco pieces with sharp geometric lines, follow that style with the rest of the pieces in the room, avoiding very ornate pieces that may contrast too harshly.  

2. Upcycle

A great way to integrate an antique piece into a more contemporary interior is to upcycle. Give a vintage sofa a new twist by reupholstering with a funky modern textile, paint an old set of dining chairs in one of the fashionable new dark tones (think dark grays or sophisticated navy), add new slim-line handles to an antique cabinet. The idea is to appreciate the beautiful vintage form of a piece and give it a new lease of life whilst tailoring it to your existing interior scheme.   

3. Add a vintage centerpiece

If your interior is pretty minimalist, why not go for a complete contrast and add just one vintage piece as the focal point for the room? Carefully choose a piece that can be really appreciated – maybe it’s a beloved family heirloom, or a real gem that you purchased at an antique fair. Add extra value by spotlighting it or giving it a central location in the room. This antique chandelier adds a touch of sparkle to a minimalist bedroom:

Crystal Glass ChandelierPixabay

4. Mix and match collections

If you love collecting vintage crockery or glassware, do away with your matching dining sets and get eclectic. Accessories (rather than furnishings) are a great place to freely mix and match colors and styles while adding interest to a dining table, not to mention a great talking point! Contrasting pieces can also look amazing displayed together in a simple cabinet when not in use. The same goes for other accessories, such as collections of vintage frames, vases, candlesticks, or mirrors.

Kitchen PotsPixabay

5. Create a unique backdrop

Vintage motifs on wallpapers or textiles can give a stylish and unique look to an interior, and are the perfect way to add color and pattern. Try combining your backdrop with more modern furnishings to really show it off, just like this bathroom.

vintage bathVintage Gardens | 1800 NW 161 St Edmond OK by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

5 Tips for Incorporating Vintage Pieces in a Modern Interior was last modified: June 20th, 2019 by Lucy Attwood

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