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Congratulations – you’re finally renovating your kitchen (or bathroom, or bedroom, or any other room that’s been on your to-do list forever). You have a lot to ponder and many decisions to make, but one thing can’t be forgotten – safety, especially if you have children.  Here are five ways to keep your kids safe during home renovations, so you can enjoy  a sense of comfort while construction is under way in your humble abode.

1. Lay down the rules early

Prior to the construction process, it’s critical to lay down the ground rules for the house with children who are old enough to understand this type of guidance. These rules may range from “No running around the house” to “No entering the construction area.” Kids are naturally exploratory, though, so parents need to be prepared to enforce these rules throughout the renovation.

2. Create an alternative living space

If it’s your kitchen that is being renovated, for example, you’ll want to make sure you have an alternative refrigerator or pantry that the children can turn to during construction. Giving kids an area where they can find frequently used resources will help keep them away from the renovation site.

3. Think about the environment

This is especially necessary if you live in an older home that may have potentially hazardous materials, such as lead and asbestos. A licensed contractor will know how to proceed during the renovation process. Furthermore, he or she will give you the information you need to keep these potentially airborne particulates from causing health problems for you and your children. You may decide that it’s best to seal off the area of your home that will be under construction.

4. Consider the newest materials

As you renovate your living space, you should consider the modern options available to you for everything from paint to flooring. For instance, low-VOC paint is ideal for those who have health concerns. Sustainable flooring, such as laminate wood, is perfect for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprints. A renovation gives homeowners the opportunity to incorporate their values with new materials.

5. Maintain strong communication

Throughout the renovation process, parents should make it a point to maintain strong communication among themselves, the contractors, and the children. From the beginning, the workers should know how many kids live in the house, as well as their ages. In addition to giving children rules, parents might want to consider creating a designated play area in the home, away from the construction site. This should also be the area where toys are stored, giving children easy access to their belongings.

It may be exciting to renovate a living space that is in dire need of an update. However, there are precautionary measures that need to be taken into account when children are in the mix. That being said, these five tips can ensure that everyone in the family is safe throughout the construction process.

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe During Home Renovations was last modified: July 13th, 2019 by Krystle Vermes

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