Spring has sprung! With the changing seasons come changes in home interiors – out with the dark colors and heavy fabrics of winter, and in with bright, springy patterns and colors. Switching up your home décor look to keep up with the seasons can be daunting, but there’s no need to completely overhaul your décor every three months. Here are four easy spring decorating ideas that will help you bring the fresh touch of spring to your home’s interior.

1. Zippered pillow covers

Instead of buying an entirely new set of throw pillows, try covering the ones you have. Zippered pillow covers come in all kind of colors, patterns, and fabrics, and can completely alter the look of a room. Switching seasons is as easy as zip, stuff, zip. An added bonus: you won’t have to figure out where to stash your off-season pillows.

2. Colorful décor items

Small, colorful décor items easily add a personal touch and visual interest to any space. They can also take a room from season to season. Reindeer and tiny pine trees make charming winter companions and, for spring, add some fun and color to your home with small, bright objects. These items can be placed on surfaces such as bookshelves or on a mantle. Almost every hobby store has entire aisles dedicated to glass containers of all shapes and sizes, and these provide a great way to easily add a touch of the season to unexpected places. Filling these containers with seasonally appropriate knickknacks (candy canes in the winter, bright flowers or colorful beads in the spring) instantly takes your home from season to season.

spring interior decorating ideas

You can also look for more purposeful objects that will add that spring-worthy pop of color to your home, such as bookends.

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3. Bring the outdoors in

Another easy and best spring decorating ideas is bringing the plants indoors. Nothing says spring like colorful blooms and buds. Bringing the outdoors in can liven up any space, but plants aren’t just the property of spring. Seasonally appropriate plants can bring all the seasons right into your home. Keep it simple, as in a bundle of tulips on a hall table, or go big, with an indoor vertical garden (which are a definite spring decor trend this year).

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outdoor spring decor

4. Wall color

For a more semi-permanent change, try updating the wall color in your space. Spring is the perfect season for color, and there’s something for nearly every design style imaginable. Go for broke with a bright and bold paint job, or keep it simple with a tasteful pastel. New paint can make an entire room feel completely new.

interior wall color ideas

Although it may be tempting, there is no need to completely redecorate your house to adjust to the changing seasons. By keeping your overall décor basic and switching out a few smaller things, you can have a perfect look year-round.

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