For teenagers, their rooms are like their own private space where they can do almost everything they want and where they can certainly add their own touch and expression to the interior decoration. Add some fun to your teenage daughter or son’s room with these unique and interesting teen room ideas. Help them make their space special.

Multipurpose space

Since this room will serve as bedroom, study and social area where your children receive their friends and spend time with, the furniture should be flexible and multifunctional. There are no rules when it comes to decorating a teenager’s room, but there are some things to keep in mind; for example, design and decor should focus on functionality. One of the best ideas to save space when there is not much is combining activities within the same corner… How? By rising up the bed and keeping the area below to place a desk, a couch or a simply an empty space to use according to the punctual needs.

Wall decals

Wall decor

Teenagers’ rooms are often the most complicated to decorate because of their constant changes in taste and opinion. Decorating the walls with decals provide fun and modernity, fitting very well with their fresh and ever changing personality. In addition, wall decals are perfect to decorate a bedroom on a very low budget.

World map

If your child is a travel enthusiast, loves to meet other cultures and dreams of being able to travel the world, or if you simply want to inculcate the interest in learning geography, then the maps are the perfect decorative element.

This magnificent idea can be carried out with the photo murals, or using the technique of wallpaper. Including a giant map of flashy colors will not only serve to have fun imagining endless adventures in distant lands, but will make your child learn geography in the most every day and practical way. You can also choose a design with neutral colors, and even bet on vintage decor, covering one of the walls with a map in the style of the fifteenth century.

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Blackboard wall

Blackboard wall can be used for water-based painting, drawing and writing with chalk. They are very easy to erase and maintain. The chalk remains are removed with a latex eraser or a damp cloth.

Blackboard walls help developing the kids’ imagination and creativity. Plus, they provide a decorative effect in the bedroom. If we opt for the traditional black color, the room might seem dark or small, so remember that the paint comes various colors. If you do not have a lot of space, take advantage of the back of the door or even the closet doors, which can be turned into a space for your child to have fun or remember the pending tasks. An issue with blackboard walls is that chalk dust can cause coughing and irritation. However, there are alternatives, such as buying special chalks and anti-dust, which are equally economical and dermatologically tested.

Photo arrangement

Now that we all have a camera equipped in our mobile phone, we are fortunate to be able to capture our best moments at all times. Selfies, group photos, beautiful sunset images and many wonderful moments are forever trapped in our digital album. Why not use these captured moments to decorate your teen’s room? They not only look cool but also serves as an expression of who they are.

Built in desk

If what your teenager wants is a really unique room configuration, his own touch in the decoration is not enough. Installing a built-in desk is a great way to turn a dull space into a special architectonic piece. You can put the desk inside a niche, as part of a bigger structure that defines the sleeping area of the room or build it along the window to get the maximum of light.

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