When it comes to cooking your daily meals, there’s one important decision to make — choosing the correct type of stove. And the most common question we hear for potential shoppers is, gas vs electric stove — which one is the better option? Well, this answer shall weigh in several factors — ranging from your culinary habits to safety, cooking time, energy efficiency, and cost. So, in order to help you make an informed choice during your next kitchen remodel, let’s try to guide you through the pros and cons of each type.

Is Gas or Electric Stove Better?

While electric stoves are safe to use and very easy to operate, they may lead to high energy bills. On the other hand, gas stoves cook pretty fast, but they may prove unsafe for children. Therefore, let’s try to solve this never-ending debate by taking all the related factors into consideration and resolving them one by one.

Cooking Prowess: Do Gas Stoves Cook Better than Electric?

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When time is scarce and cooking takes place in a hurry, then the more feasible option is the propane -powered or natural gas stove. It heats up extremely fast and the open flame level can be controlled with precision. Even after turning off the flame, you can keep the food over the gas burner, since its elements cool off fast as well. Gas stoves are perfect for charring, toasting, and flambeing food.

Next, ask yourself this question. Do you often eat roasted and baked food? Then, in this case, an electric stove can be the better choice. Why? Because the heat generated from its electric coils are spread more evenly — leading to smooth, slow cooking.

Cost: What’s Cheaper, Gas Stove or Electric Stove?

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The total cost shall involve both your operational as well as first-time upfront costs. Therefore, let’s break them up for you.

Standard electric stoves with coils are the cheapest range of stoves. Then comes gas stoves, followed by smooth top electric models. Electrically operated units also involve less installation costs. In case, you are fixing a gas stove, you will need to place a gas line running into your kitchen if you don’t already have one. If your meter is too far from the kitchen, the entire process can turn very costly.

But again, natural gas — as a fuel — is cheaper than electricity. So, the operational costs of gas stoves are less. However, if you don’t resort to cooking often, you won’t see much of a difference between both the types, in terms of running costs.

Gas Vs Electric Stove: Which One Requires More Maintenance?

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Electric stoves are easy to clean — especially the smooth-top models — since they come with an even and flat glass surface that can be simply wiped with a cloth or sponge. But note that they are quite prone to stains from spills and leaks. They may even smash and break easily if you suddenly place a heavy item — such as a cast iron pot — over them.

Moreover, if you are a new cook, your new stove should definitely be an electric one. Why? You can easily place flat-bottomed pots and pans without the requirement of balancing them on burners. However, in terms of reliability, gas stoves take the upper hand. You can cook on them anytime, using a lighter or a match, even when there’s a power cut.

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Style and Looks Department: Gas Vs Electric Stove

Electric stoves come in a sleek, stylish look — making them an ideal option if you wish to give a modern twist to your renovated kitchen. They also display several additional features — such as incorporated fans and grillers or even a fifth element that heats up only enough to keep food warm. Sometimes, electric ovens sport extra storage space below, which is not found in their gas counterparts.

The Risk Factor

Sometimes, the connected lines of gas ovens can open up and lead to gas leaks. This is pretty uncommon; but if it happens, it can be hazardous for your family — in the form of carbon monoxide poisoning and even explosions.  Moreover, a gas stove means open flames — which pose dangers if you have kids in your house. Therefore, considering the safety factor, the electric model wins without any doubt.

Can You Convert an Electric Stove to a Gas Stove? Or Vice Verse?

Now, if you already have a certain model in your kitchen, it’s better to stick with it even after your kitchen remodel. But if you wish to change the existing unit, you would be pleased to know that you can convert gas and electric ranges to their respective counterparts. All you need is a licensed electrician, who will modify your existing electric circuit. If you already have the required accessories in place, the entire job takes only about an hour.

To sum it up, we can say that deciding between a gas vs electric stove totally depends on your requirements and comfort level. There’s no answer as to which option is better. The choice completely rests on you, and you alone.

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