Christmas time is a happy time. The holiday season also means that you get to spend cozy nights with your family and friends in the warmth of a crackling fire. Needless to say, your fireplace Christmas decorations should be amazing too. 

After all, your Christmas mantel decorations need to reflect the cheerful holiday spirit in the most beautiful way. A Christmas tree is a given, but you must not overlook the fireplace decor. And, we aren’t just talking about eye-catching Christmas stockings or store-bought wreaths. 

The best part is, you can decorate everything from floor to ceiling with lush garlands, bottle brush trees, painted pine cones, or unique tree decorations.

So, why not make your fireplace Christmas decorations even more festive this year? We understand that settling on the perfect Christmas theme can be a daunting task. But, with proper planning and the right attention to detail — you can make your living room decor come alive and how! 

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Trust us, you don’t have to be an interior designer to pull off something beautiful. Looking for inspiration? We have 14 wonderful fireplace Christmas decoration ideas that are simple to emulate yet are aesthetically pleasing. 

From rustic style minimalism to eye-catching color schemes, this article will make choosing your fireplace decoration easy and stylish.  So, here goes.

1. Create a beautiful symmetry with two Christmas trees

Some Christmas settings are too beautiful for words. This design is one of them. We love the symmetry in this room that’s brought to life with not one but two Christmas trees and a set of gifts. And, the warm twinkling of the fairy lights offers the best background for the fireplace. Indeed a remarkable setup that looks romantic, cozy, familial — all at once. 

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2. Create a homey nook

Your near and dear ones around you, the rustic appeal of a stone wall, a wood-burning fireplace, gifts strewn around ready to be opened, a beautiful tree and wreath made with bottle brush trims and bright red berries, a comfortable couch, and a content smile on your face — what else could you possibly ask for?

It’s a beautiful setting — a perfect place to unwind and relax with your loved ones this holiday season.

3. Enliven the space with lush greenery

We love the effect that the beautiful candles, lush greenery, and flowers are creating. The pine cuttings, white tulips roses, and lilies, as well as votive candles,  make the area look super stylish. And, the amber of the fire is the perfect complement to the beautiful decor. Don’t miss the lovely Christmas quote on the chalkboard that hangs above this holiday mantel. You can add an aphorism, holiday greetings, or the lyrics of your favorite song.

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4. Announce the arrival of Christmas with a colorful bunting

Christmas bunting

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash CC0

The ‘Merry Christmas’ bunting and the beautiful garland seem to scream out the arrival of the festive season. And, why not? Christmas is after all one of the most awaited times of the year. We love how the homeowner has even utilized the mirror — giving it a fantastic snowflake effect.

5. Let the vibrant balloons do the talking 

Fireplace mantel

The blue and white color scheme is beautifully showcased with the help of a string of balloons of varied sizes. They are creatively anchored by a magnolia wreath and easily become the focal point of the decor. Also, notice how the burlap snowman and stockings bring together the whole vibrant look. 

6. Go for a cuteness overload with snowman stockings

When it comes to Christmas decorations, you can never go wrong with stockings. We love the cute snowman family stockings hanging in front of the fireplace. Each one is personalized creatively for every member of the family.

7. Bring in the magic of lanterns

Lit Christmas

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash CC0

There’s something ethereal about lanterns. They take us back to the simple era where everything was laid back and natural. We love the forest-inspired decor in the form of pine cones, bottlebrush leaves, and the no-frills wreath. You can scour your backyard for branches, tree trimmings, and bright berries. Bring in your findings and arrange them on your mantel. Simple! 

8. Synchronize your fireplace Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration

Photo by Alexunder Hess on Unsplash CC0

Whichever fireplace Christmas decorations you choose, keep in mind that all the elements must look good together. This decor, for instance, exudes a welcoming vibe thanks to the beautifully decorated tree and matching wreath. The crisp-white stocking hanging from the mantle adds to the look. And, don’t forget the red and white gifts!

9. Add style with gold accents

Dress up your fireplace mantel with an elegant collection of items having a metallic sheen. We love the golden stockings and the beautiful Christmas ornaments. Simple yet not in your face!

10. Spell something Christmassy with funky accessories

Christmas accessories

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash CC0

Make your mantel look unique and innovative with LED monograms or wooden letters that spell anything related to Christmas. We love the French NOEL — meaning Christmas. If you plan your Christmas decor in advance, you can place an order for the personalized accessories well on time. Of course, if you’re lucky, you might find such treasures in your local store! 

11. Add rustic woody accents

Christmas fireplace

Want to keep your fireplace Christmas decorations simple yet beautiful? Choose rustic woodsy pieces. You can make use of reclaimed or driftwood artifacts, rustic vases, and more forest-inspired treasures.

12. Add pops of Christmas cheer everywhere

Transform your fireplace mantel into a cute and cheerful Christmas corner by adding green and red stockings, bright garlands, lots of fairy lights, brightly wrapped gifts, and of course the traditional Christmas tree beside it. However, don’t just limit your decoration to the mantel; beautify your doors, windows, and other parts of the living room too. Let every corner look festive and delightful. 

13. Think out of the box with a snowy holiday decor

Tired of the same old red-and-green color scheme? Think different with a minimalistic decor featuring snowy garlands, antlers, and tiny bottle brush trees in burlap sacks on your mantel. The black and white hues in the room beautifully complement the fresh greenery and the country charm of the simplistic mantel. 

14. Bring back the old-world charm with soft Christmassy lights

Christmas lights

Photo by Pxhere CC0

Make your fireplace look surreal with weaving twigs, potted plants, twinkling lights, and a garland of fresh greenery. Let the soft glow of the lights bathe the whole room — giving it a romantic ambiance. This decor gives off a vintage vibe with its different colored stockings made out of repurposed material.

Last words

A fireplace is one of the best spots for your Christmas decorations. The whole family gets together to spend a cozy Christmas time here — keeping gifts and hampers under the Christmas tree skirt. 

No wonder using festive and cheerful fireplace Christmas decorations will add to the spirit of this holiday season. A beautiful fireplace will set the mood for your family members and add a lovely vibe to the room. And yes, it can serve as the best background for a family portrait!

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