A great room is a space in a home where the functions of more traditional rooms (living room, family room, dining room) are combined. Different great room designs combine different functions; some, for example, may incorporate a reading area. In many houses, the great room adjoins the kitchen, and they are often separated by a counter instead of a wall.

Great rooms are typically found on the lower level of American multi-story homes and may feature raised ceilings.

One of the main points of great room design ideas is allowing everyone to happily congregate in one free-flowing space. Sadly, the results are often a great big mess. Just to mention a couple: when cooking, video-game playing, chatting and television viewing occur in the same space, there will be a lot of noise and distractions; and when there are many things going on in the same space, getting the great room furniture arrangement to serve all the activities at the same time can be complicated. As we said, great rooms serve many functions, so it’s important to find the right arrangement to handle family time and visiting guests while keeping order and harmony within the space.

Here we present some ideas to help you find the best distribution and arrangement for your great room.

Semi-dividing the great room

great room

Placing a small dividing wall between the kitchen and the sofa area is a good way to keep both spaces connected while defining each one and providing a small touch of intimacy. It also gets you an extra vertical surface to hang a painting, a mirror or few shelves.

If you don’t want to build a small wall and would prefer a less permanent solution, you can always apply a free-standing shelving system, which not only is very functional but also allows light to go through without losing clarity in any area.

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