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This is the fun part of the home renovation process. Shopping is the experience that translates the dream or vision you had of your new cocoon into reality.

Although it is a lot of fun, it can be riddled with mistakes, overspending, delays, and sometimes even a bit of yelling!

How to Get Everything You Need for Your Home Renovation

1. First, get a list from your contractors of everything they’ll need and how much of it is required, material by material. Understand the allowance that you have agreed to. Extra tip: Do not agree to an allowance until you have a complete list and have priced all the items online to see if the allowance amount makes sense.

2. Now, you can start going to shops around town to look for each of the materials needed, and collect information about prices, brands, etc. Write all of the information down and take pictures as you go to help you keep everything straight.

3. Ask the vendors if the products you like are usually in stock or if you may need to order them ahead of time. If anything needs to be ordered, make sure you take a note of the time lag you need to account for and leave yourself some wiggle room.

4. Now you can shop around online for each of your favorite products by brand to learn more about availability and delivery times.

5. Select the vendor you will be buying each item from. If there is no price difference (include delivery and taxes), go ahead to the store where you found it and buy it there. In this case, there is no real benefit to buying it online. A brick and mortar store will be easy to deal with, and make it easy for you to see the product, return it if it does not work out, and frankly that store helped you find the product so if the price is the same, you should reward the store that helped you.

6. To save money, check the clearance section at the stores you visit and ask if they have any other clearance items that are not on display. You can often find great deals on higher end items this way, especially if you don’t need a lot of material, so don’t neglect to ask..

7. Another great way to save on an expensive material, such as tile and marble, is to buy a higher end version for areas that are highly visible and buy a lower-grade material (lower-grade marble, for example) for areas that are less visible. Think of marble in your dream bathroom. You could get a lower grade for the shower stall and a higher grade for the top of the vanity.

8. Important: When you shop online, don’t only select sites from the first search page, which has the vendors that have spent the most time and money to improve their SEO or pay for ads (you would be paying for that eventually). Rather, go to pages three or four on Google search to find lower ranked stores who don’t spend money to be on the top of the list and may have a lower cost of operation, lowering your cost. Don’t discount this very cool trick!If you know what you want in terms of article, size, and brand, try to look for stores in other states that can ship to you. States that have a lower cost of living have lower costs of operation so they may be cheaper, even including shipping.

9. If you know what you want in terms of article, size, and brand, try to look for stores in other states that can ship to you. States that have a lower cost of living have lower costs of operation so they may be cheaper, even including shipping.

Important Points to Help You Keep Your Project on Track

Shopping can be fun but recognize the following issues and plan. If you aren’t proactive, you may be hit with many unpleasant surprises. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Know when each material needs to be on site according to your contractor and check delivery times so you can order everything on time. Setting reminders on your calendar can be very helpful for keeping you and your project on track.
  • Verify and cross-verify with your contractor on a regular basis that the schedule is still on time and adjust your reminders to reflect any changes.
  • Contractors often get discounts, always ask them about the exact products you wanted and to give you their prices so you can compare.  

A Final Note on Style

The last tip to keep in mind: Originality pays off. Other homes, beautiful as they may be, should be used for inspiration, not to copy. Choose some unique items and be playful with them. Don’t only choose materials and products that are familiar or repetitive. Choose a distinctive material that reflects your style or choose a special piece of art to bring more of you into your home and make the ordinary look extraordinary.

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