Propane has emerged as a safe-to-use and clean-burning fuel option, which is why a lot of people choose it to fuel their outdoor grills. However, if you have a propane grill, you need to be aware of what the noises your tank makes mean.

Most of the noises your propane tank makes are harmless. However, knowing the reasons for those noises and what you need to do could avert trouble in the long run.

Know your noises

grill propane tank

Propane tanks are built to last, and on average, outlast oil tanks. In fact, while oil tanks last around 10 years, you can expect a propane tank to last at least 30 years. This is why a lot of people choose propane gas grills for their outdoor cooking over oil or even electric grills.

That being said, wear and tear will take its toll on your tank, which is the primary reason you will begin to hear noises. However, let’s break down whether those noises are from your tank or from your gas line, and what they signify.

What knocking sounds mean

If you hear knocking sounds coming from your propane tank when you turn on the gas, it is usually a sign that there is an uneven mixture of gas and air in the tank.

An easy way to confirm this is to observe the flame. While a blue flame with a yellow tip means the mixture of air and gas is healthy, a yellow or white flame means there is an uneven mixture. You ought to call a certified technician to adjust the airflow to your propane tank.

What gurgling or humming sounds mean

Another common sound is to hear a gurgling or humming noise when the gas is turned on. This is an indication of an overfilled tank.

When a propane tank is overfilled, it puts excess pressure on the regulator and as result, reduces the flow of gas to the grill. Other visible signs include discolored pilot lights, low heat, and weak flames.

The solution to this is to drain the tank, and this is an activity that once again, requires the expertise of a technician.

You could also hear a humming sound if the rubber diaphragm on the regulation valve is vibrating. Other than the vibrating of the regulator, a trapped air pocket in the hose could also cause these noises.

What hissing sounds mean

grill propane tank

Hissing noises from the tank indicate a gas leak, and this means you need to turn off the tank immediately and call for professional help. While propane is extremely safe and propane tanks are built to take a beating, anything to do with a gas leak should not be taken lightly.

A telltale sign that you have a propane leak is the fact that propane mimics the smell of rotten eggs. So look for that as well, because people often confuse the rush of gas to the grill when it is turned on for hissing as well.

Safety first

Nothing is more enjoyable than grilling burgers in the backyard while enjoying a cold one in the company of close friends and family. However, safety always ought to come first, especially when it has to do with gas lines and fuel tanks. So while you have a great time enjoying the outdoors this summer, remember to keep an eye out for these signs.

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