Long and narrow and often, dark corridors are one of the most problematic decorating areas in a home. However, with some great ideas and application of awesome creativity in your ...

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Stunning Long and Narrow Hallway Decorating Ideas

February 23, 2017

Feb 23, 2017

With our creative, cool kid’s room decor ideas, you would wish you were a child all over again. So, what if you can’t turn back time?  We are offering you ...

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11 Cool Kid’s Room Decor Ideas Your Kids Will Simply Love

November 08, 2016

Nov 8, 2016

When you want to fix a small corner at home to place a small home office, there are many possibilities of decoration and arrangement. Whatever the desired style, seek simplicity ...

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Small Home Office : 5 Key Decor Tips to Consider

October 28, 2016

Oct 28, 2016

Does color really affect mood? If you are renovating or freshening up your home, choosing the right colors can be tricky. So, why not choose colors by how they make ...

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How Room Colors Affect Your Mood | INFOGRAPHIC

August 28, 2016

Aug 28, 2016

Mirrors give the illusion of a window reflecting both natural and artificial light, making the room appear bigger and brighter. The reflections allow light to bounce around your room opening ...

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3 Ways to Make Your Space Bigger & Brighter With Mirrors

August 10, 2016

Aug 10, 2016

Painting is a simple and cost-effective way to change the look of your home’s interior, but at a certain point many of us grow tired of neutral colors and solid ...

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6 Creative Painting Ideas for Your Home

March 07, 2016

Mar 7, 2016

Nothing creates a cozier feel in a room than a display of pictures and artworks. If colors have a way of influencing a person’s mood inside a particular room, images ...

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Creative Ways to Use Pictures as Wall Art

February 11, 2016

Feb 11, 2016

Painting your home seems simple – just choose your wall color,  grab a brush or a paint roller and a can of paint, and get to work. However often, we ...

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12 Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

January 23, 2016

Jan 23, 2016

Does your space lack a focal point? Looking for inspiration for a color scheme? Need to add more depth to a small space? A large-scale art piece could be the ...

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How to Use Large Art Pieces in Your Interior Design

November 24, 2015

Nov 24, 2015

You’ve spent ages planning your dinner event – the menu is set, music has been selected, and guests have been invited. Now it’s time to think about the table, where ...

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Fabulous Tips For Exceptional Dining Table Dressing

October 13, 2015

Oct 13, 2015

A moodboard is collection of ideas in the form of photos, color and material swatches, and images of furniture and decorative elements that are gathered together in the form of ...

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How to Use Moodboards to Create Beautiful Interiors

September 08, 2015

Sep 8, 2015

Selecting a wall color for a newly renovated space can be challenging, especially if you have multiple household members voicing their opinions and existing furnishings to take into account. Before ...

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Four Secrets for Finding the Perfect Wall Color

August 08, 2015

Aug 8, 2015

Creating a cohesive, standout space is largely a matter of choosing the right home textiles, and knowing how to combine them. Incorporating color, pattern, and movement into an interior space ...

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Expert Tips on Home Textiles to Make Your Space Stand Out

March 27, 2015

Mar 27, 2015

Spring has sprung! With the changing seasons come changes in home interiors – out with the dark colors and heavy fabrics of winter, and in with bright, springy patterns and ...

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2017 Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for Your Home

March 20, 2015

Mar 20, 2015

Wood has long been the companion of homeowners. From walls to beds to floorboards, wood has topped the list as the choicest material for home décor. We get attached to ...

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Wood Prints on Ceramic Tiles

September 19, 2014

Sep 19, 2014