Congratulations! You’ve found a new home to move in with your family. You must be excited about this move. However, you must remember that not everything is sunshine and rainbows, ...

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7 Packing Tips That Make Long Distance Moving Easy

March 07, 2018

Mar 7, 2018

The popularity of the TV show Flip This House among the American audience has somehow persuaded us that flipping homes are a lucrative way of making huge profits. You find ...

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House Flipping: Learn How to Buy and Rehab a House

February 27, 2018

Feb 27, 2018

Selling your house is a process some of us approach unwillingly, not being ready to say goodbye to the place we’ve spent a part of our life in. But, if ...

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Why Curb Appeal Is Important for Selling Your Home

February 24, 2018

Feb 24, 2018

Flipping real estate has become a popular trend for investors across the country. However, not every flip goes to plan. Here are 8 tips you can use before flipping your ...

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8 Tips You Should Know Before Flipping Your First House

February 20, 2018

Feb 20, 2018

Rigging bids at foreclosure auctions has long been a crime that has attracted the attention of authorities. Federal prosecutors back in 1998 announced the shutdown of a decade-long bid rigging ...

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How to Avoid Foreclosure Bid Rigging

February 07, 2018

Feb 7, 2018

Debates on whether or not to buy fixer upper houses seem to be all around us. And those pretty close to the debate, including first-time home buyers, real estate investors, ...

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Pros and Cons of Fixer Upper Houses

January 25, 2018

Jan 25, 2018

Changing the house is indeed a painful thing. We have cherished our dreams there and had great memories. However, when you need to change it, you have no alternative left ...

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5 Most Effective Tips For Selling a House Fast

January 09, 2018

Jan 9, 2018

If you have a spare room or a small flat that is empty and want to earn some extra cash think about becoming an Airbnb host. Renting can be a ...

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Tips and tricks to become an Airbnb superhost

December 21, 2017

Dec 21, 2017

People often get confused in deciding the best option – a single family home, a condo, a townhouse, or an attached-unit home. Are you also baffled? Choosing the right type ...

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Why is Buying a Single Family Home a Good Option?

December 05, 2017

Dec 5, 2017

Real estate professionals always have a wide range of proposals for their clients. Depending on a client’s budget, they offer possible options to satisfy their needs. Nowadays, one of the most ...

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What Is a Townhouse? Pros and Cons of Buying a Townhouse

November 24, 2017

Nov 24, 2017

Want to buy the perfect house for an affordable price? Bad scenarios start circling our minds… The Money Pit. Duplex. The Amityville Horror. Hollywood made us think that affordable houses ...

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5 Easy Ways to Buy the Perfect House at an Affordable Price

November 22, 2017

Nov 22, 2017

If you’re into renovation projects, then updating and revamping your home can be a lot of fun. But before you get too excited about knocking down walls and setting up ...

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Home Renovations Which Decrease or Increase Market Value of Property

September 12, 2017

Sep 12, 2017

When you’re planning to buy a house, perhaps the first thing you need to consider is whether to go for a new one or a resale/used one. A new home ...

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Advantages of buying a used home rather than a new home

September 07, 2017

Sep 7, 2017

The property and real estate market is more cutthroat than ever before, which can be disheartening for homeowners. When you find the home of your dreams, you know that several ...

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How to Write an Offer Letter That Will Win the Homeowners Over

August 03, 2017

Aug 3, 2017

Property preservation is an ongoing process. The fact of the matter is: your home requires lifetime maintenance, or until you decide to sell it. Even if you have purchased a ...

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How Property Preservation Affects Real Estate Value?

August 02, 2017

Aug 2, 2017

You have a property that needs tenants, and so it’s time to write that property listing. Whether you’re a new landlord or a veteran, everyone can use some tips to ...

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Write An Attractive Property Listing With These 5 Steps

July 10, 2017

Jul 10, 2017