Halloween is right around the corner and brings with it timeless traditions of pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and elaborate spooky setups. We thought now would be a good time to take a look at Halloween colors and fun ways to incorporate them into our home decor to celebrate the season.

What Colors Signify Halloween?

The two colors that traditionally signify Halloween are orange and black. Somewhere along the way, purple, green, red, and white joined that hallowed list. Let’s acquaint ourselves with the historical and popular significance of each of these colors, and take a quick look at a few Halloween decor ideas while we’re at it.

1. Orange

orange flowers

There are multiple reasons for orange being a prominent Halloween color. Halloween has its roots in harvest festivals, and the color orange signifies pumpkins, gourds, and the leaves changing color. Simply put, the color signifies the autumn harvest.

Orange also signifies the use of fire to drive away the darkness.

Jack o lanterns, the ghoulish faces we’ve been carving into pumpkins every year is one the most common uses of orange in seasonal decor. This tradition actually traveled to the US with Irish immigrants, who brought with them the legend of Stingy Jack.

But you could just as easily celebrate the season with orange covers for your couch cushions. They add a dash of much needed contrast and color when paired with sober colors like pale greens.

A bunch of seasonal flowers like orange chrysanthemums on your table are also a great reminder of the time of year while adding a feeling of warmth and coziness to the room.

2. Black

dark home decor

The color black signifies death. Where did you think the spookiness associated with Halloween came from? 

Halloween finds its beginnings in the pagan Gaelic festival of Samhain, celebrated between October 31st and November 1st. This festival pays homage to dead ancestors, invokes their wisdom and celebrates their life with feasting. This is what Christians later adopted as All Hallows’ Eve.

Mexico also traditionally celebrates its dead around the same time of the year. Dia de Muertos is being celebrated on November 2nd this year, just two days after Halloween.

Add to that the fact that trick or treating happens only in the night, under the cover of darkness, and you have a pretty good idea why the color became entrenched in Halloween lore.

Black cats, black spiders, bats and other things people feared or thought were inauspicious became popular decorative motifs during Halloween.

A wreath of black rubber bats, black painted pumpkins and black cat cutouts are some favorites.

Of course, black by itself is a color of class and intrigue as well. Consider this light gray carpet with black prints on it, for example, or a dark wall. 

3. Purple

Purple represents witches, clairvoyance, an awareness of the supernatural and all things mystical. No wonder it found its way into Halloween decor.

Purple table cloths, curtains, painted gourds, and cutlery are great ways to celebrate both the color and Halloween. Purple candles on gold holders are a timeless classic.

Of course, a purple kitchen island is a sure shot way of making heads turn all year round.

4. Green

indoor plants

Green is one of the newer additions and is meant to signify monsters and spookiness. Think Frankenstein, alien blood as depicted in the movies, glowing fogs, eerie lights and the only thing you’ll have in common is the color green.

Of course, pumpkin stems are green as well, but why spoil the fun?

Glow in the dark stickers, fake slime, and green cocktails are some great ways to add to the Halloween experience.

For a less over the top experience, shades of green on couch covers, curtains and perennial potted indoor plants are effective ways to include the color in your seasonal decor.

5. Red

halloween home decor

Red is the color of blood, that precious liquid the Devil uses to seal his deals. That life source that vampires seek. That most sought after ingredient in clandestine spells and potions. So it deserves its place on the Halloween mantle.

Fake blood is one of the most popular Halloween props. Red cutlery, red robes, dim red lights, and red candles are all awesome ways to add to the Halloween aura.

Add red to your home decor using red bed linen. Fall flowers like dianthus, pansies, and celosia are natural ways to add red to a room.

6. White

halloween decor

White again represents the creatures of the night. Ghosts and ghouls are often depicted clad in white. Skulls and bones are white, as are the mummy’s bandages.

The use of white in our daily decor is quite commonplace. However, white balloons, fake skulls, hand-painted white pumpkins, and white wreaths are some ways to infuse the Halloween spirit into your home’s decor. Pairing white with black or with gold are combinations you cannot go wrong with.

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