A water heater is essential for operating some of the most-used appliances around your home. However, this must-have item can start to show signs of its age over time. A water heater leak is a key sign that you need to bring in a professional to examine your heater more closely.

Spotting a leak

One of the easiest ways to confirm that you have a leak is by checking for a pool of water at the base of your heater. If you spot an ample amount of water, the equipment may be regularly leaking. Of course, this can also be confirmed by seeing the heater drip on a constant basis.

Another sign that your water heater may be malfunctioning is a pipe leak. If there is water coming out of nearby pipes, this could be a sign that the tank itself is having issues. If you have an electric water heater, a leak may also come from its heating gasket. Safely determining if/where your hot water heater is leaking can be done in a few easy steps, according to waterheaterhub.com. From there, it’s a question of repairing or replacing your water heater. 

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Causes of water heater leaks

There are a number of reasons why a water heater may begin to leak, and many of them are due to normal wear and tear. The most common cause of a leak is a loose drain valve. This can be fixed by tightening the valve with a wrench, but it’s critical to have a professional diagnose the problem before taking action.

Some water heaters begin to leak due to a buildup of pressure. This causes excess water to leak out over time. Corrosion can also rust some of the key components of the water heater, which allows for leaks.

Condensation can cause a misunderstanding when it comes to heaters. A build-up of water may create the illusion of a leak when there is no damage to be found. This is another reason why it’s best to bring in an expert to closely examine the situation at hand.

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Hiring a professional

Regardless of the actual problem with your water heater, you need to hire a professional to come in and diagnose the problem. An expert can pinpoint the exact issue, as well as provide the best solutions for your specific situation.

A water heater repairman worth hiring is one who has certification. He or she should also be willing to show certification before beginning any work on your home.

Additionally, you may also want to ask potential repairmen for references prior to hiring one. A reputable technician should be ready and willing to give you testimonials from previous customers.

Finally, take price into consideration, but do so with a grain of salt. If you think that you are getting a bargain, it may be because you’ve hired an inexperienced repairman. For the sake of your water heater, it might be worth paying a few extra bucks for an individual with the credentials you need.

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