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Renovations can be frightening – after all, you’re drastically changing the place you call home. If you’ve been pondering improving your living space, but are experiencing some home renovation worries, check out the five common renovation fears that make up “renophobia” (and learn how to cure them).


Nobody wants to invite the wrong person into their home. Crooks frequently make headlines, which results in some unfair contractor shaming, but other times the claims are completely legitimate. If you’re worried that your renovation professional may hit the trail (with your money in tow) halfway through your project, or somehow swindle you otherwise, there are measures you can take to protect yourself. Check out the licenses of your potential hires – this can often be done through your state’s website. You can also ask for references, and verify a number of other things before making a hiring decision.


Budgeting for a home renovation can be difficult. While it’s rarely a certain, fixed amount by the time your project is complete, having an idea of what your renovation will cost before you begin the bidding process can be helpful. Also, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Sometimes things need to be brought up to code or, as was the case for Samantha Oceans, a small leak near a window can result in an allergy-triggering mold problem, creating the need to replace the entire ceiling. “There’s no way we could have known unless we or the contractor had inspected the outside of the house during the pouring rain,” Oceans said. Protect yourself by allotting an amount equivalent to about 20 percent of your project’s total cost for unforeseen speedbumps like this.

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You’re investing time and money into your home, and crossing your fingers that it turns out the way you see it in your head. That’s scary – nobody wants to end up like the crying homeowners on the old TLC show Trading Spaces. Clear communication is key if you don’t want to be let down. Photos of rooms you like, detailed project plans, and mood boards can help you express what you want to your renovation professional. Reviewing plans and blueprints can also be helpful.


There are a million stories about how home renovations have put a strain on (or even ended) relationships, displaced people from their homes, or become a second job. It’s a very real fear, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Stay on track with your renovation by clearly defining its scope and agreeing on a timeline with your renovation professional. Be early when ordering materials – if that tile you’re lusting after is on backorder and you wait until the buzzer to find that out, you risk putting your project behind schedule. Sure, some things may come up that are beyond your control – in Ocean’s case, the discovered mold caused her to have to leave her home for four days – but there are plenty of ways to keep your renovation on track and keep your cool.

Loss of control

You hire a renovation professional to make sure your project gets done correctly – but it’s still YOUR project. Not knowing what’s going on in their own homes is a big fear for many homeowners, and there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a renovation project – especially if it’s a big job. Know who your point person is, how often he/she will be on the site, and keep in contact.

If you can identify with any (or all) of these five fears, you’re not alone. Renophobia is a common ailment among home renovators, and these are only the top five most common fears. By creating a detailed project plan, getting multiple bids and selectively hiring, getting the right information, and using the right tools, your renophobia will become a thing of the past. Check out what Kukun’s suite of tools can do for you, so you can stop worrying and start planning your dream home renovation.

Home Renovation Worries? Check These 5 Fears of Renophobia was last modified: May 14th, 2020 by Sheree Whiteley