Are you planning to add a home office? With today’s work-from-home culture taking center stage, it’s important that your home office floor plan is as practical and inviting as possible.

For quite some time now, many people have been working remotely to contain the risks of spreading the Covid-19. Creating a fully functional home office is a necessity today — more than a luxury. 

Whether your home office is located in a guest bedroom, an annex, a small bedroom, or even your dining area, there are a few essentials you will want to consider. 

Because whether you’re spending the entire working week or just a few hours in here, you should have all the comforts of getting your work done efficiently. And, that’s why we have an expert architect giving you the perfect work-from-home setup. 

Check out these stylish and practical home office floor plan options. And, find the best home office layout that will suit your work demands and lifestyle. 

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Home office floor plan 1: Office situated in a guest room

  • Dimensions of the room: 13.12 feet x 9.84 feet
  • Height 8.20 feet
  • Dimensions of the storage unit: 9.22 feet wide, 1.31 feet deep, and 6.99 feet high
  • Overall design: Visual room division through different wall colors and finishes
Home office in guest room floor plan
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

This home office design model is specifically meant for a multipurpose guest room. While the area can be used as an office most of the time, when an overnight visitor comes over there’s enough space for them too.

Home office in guest room render
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

It consists of two areas, the first part containing typical office furniture, including a work desk and storage unit while the other part has a sofa-cum-bed that can be perfect for an overnighter guest. You can use this space as a place to rest or relax between hectic work schedules. 

Home office in guest room 3d
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The room has a lovely accent wall — in a happy turquoise color. The color is believed to increase creativity in the workplace. A sturdy wood and metal storage rack rests against this wall. The combination of closed and open shelving makes for an ideal storage solution

Home office desktop ideas
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The other side of the room can be conveniently converted into a mini-conference room or a place to read and sign documents. The easy-to-move furniture, including a coffee table, can be adapted according to the use of the room.

Home office decor ideas
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

To keep the contrast alive, our architect recommends the use of white and gray colors, with exaggerated tones and textures on the closet and the wall behind the sofa bed. The colors help to create a beautiful balance of space and continuity.

The architect especially suggests having a lot of natural lighting in the room through windows. Notice how the beautiful modern chandelier complements the home office space — easily becoming the focal point of the room.

Home office resting place
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The wood flooring has been kept a light-to-medium wood color to enhance the natural light even more. 

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Home office floor plan 2: Office set up between two spaces

Home office between living room and dining room
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez
  • Dimensions of the room: 8.73 feet x 8.07 feet
  • Room height: 8.20 feet
  • Dimensions of the office cabinet: 8.07 feet x 7.74 feet, height 6.89 feet
  • Depth of the office desk: 1.64 feet
  • Overall design: Metal and glazed enclosure structure around the home office layout — on three sides for privacy

This home office is located between a living room and a dining room — with a connection to a patio. A corridor connecting the rooms gives the only access to the office/study area

Home office cross section between living and dining room
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez
Home office longitudinal section - living and dining

The office consists of a continuous desk in a “U” shape and a shelf in an “L” shape — with closed cabinets and drawers for storage. A glazed door renders the office space good privacy. 

Home office view from the corridor
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

The architect recommends using a vinyl, textured wall, or wallpaper between the desk and the cabinets to give more character to the home office design. The most suitable color palette would be to use green ribbed wood for the upper cabinet doors and lower drawers. The rest of the structure can be in soft magenta and gray tones.

Right in front of the corridor, there is a window that brings in abundant natural light. You can use artificial lighting through LED lights or some such light fixtures. Do remember to add a lovely office lamp for task lighting.

Plan your home office ceiling light properly with our estimator tool.

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Home office floor plan 3: Office in dining room/kitchen

Home office between kitchen and dining
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez
  • Dimensions of the room: 21.59 feet x 12.13 feet
  • Height: 8.20 feet
  • Dimensions of the kitchen: 11.48 feet x 12.13 feet with variables
  • Dimensions of the dining room: 10.07 feet x 7.71 feet
  • Cabinet size: 11.20 feet x 4.43 feet, height 8.20 feet
  • Depth of the office desk: 1.80 feet
  • Depth of the shelf: 0.98 feet 
  • Overall design: Three well-differentiated areas

This kitchen is located in front of the dining room and next to a “U” shaped kitchen with a kitchen peninsula. The open concept kitchen is of medium size with a dining area.

The office has an “L” shaped desk with built-in cabinets — having closed as well as open shelves.

Home office between kitchen and dining section
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

To maintain continuity, the office cabinets have been given a similar size and look as the kitchen cabinets.  

Our in-house architect recommends vinyl, texture, wallpaper, or paint on the wall between the desk and the cabinets. It will give the work area a well-defined space. The best color palette would be to use smooth wooden cabinet doors in soft blue color. This will give the area a minimalist modern style — the perfect home office for those who like to keep things simple and elegant. 

Home office and dining room
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

There is ample natural lighting through three windows. The best artificial lighting would be achieved through recessed LEDs. Of course, a table lamp is always a requirement for a home office. 

Your home office ideas are important. Get the best estimate with us.

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Last words

Today, the majority of people in the world — especially in the United States — are working from home. Thanks to technology, many of them can have a full-time remote job — from their home to any company across the globe! No wonder, choosing a great home office floor plan is a top priority for everyone.

If you have sufficient space at home, and are planning to add an office, these home office floor plans will be a great way to start. They will help you create a functional office area , and add effectiveness to your office work. Remember that an office layout plan can make or break your productivity!

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