Incorporating fresh flowers and plants into your home decor is an easy way of bringing the beauty of nature into your home. Today many of us live in small urban apartments with little access to backyards or terraces where natural flower beds can flourish and we can sit and watch the glorious color of nature’s flowers from our windows.

Filling your home with different flowers in strategic corners of your home, or making delightfully different flower arrangements with easy to make ideas, changes the look of your home.

Even the most minimalist home designer will incorporate some freshness with flowers and foliage into a minimalist decor.

Just like plants breathe life into your apartment, flowers breathe life and reflect color and joy. Some of the flowers have an amazingly soft and lilting fragrance greeting you when you enter your home that it lifts our mood instantly.

The way you place your flowers will also fill empty spaces in your home and give you a feeling of warmth and kindred spirit of joy.

People with flowers in their homes are less likely to be grumpy, are more likely to be happy and less worried. Many people talk with their flowers and plants, and I do believe that they last longer.

Have you noticed how one blossom can change the look of your workspace?

One bunch of flowers changes the look of your dining space, the food looks healthier and tastier when accompanied by a bunch of fresh flowers sitting on the tablespace.

A little sprig of lavender makes a bathroom special or placed by your bedside taking you to a fragrant dreamland?

Flowers trigger off, 3 senses, our eyes, with their beauty, our smell, with their fragrance, our touch with their soft petals. Ethereally I believe as a florist, that the sense of hearing is also triggered, by the ethereal communication that every flower makes with us, and enhances our sense of taste by allowing all our senses to be alive and dancing together on our palate.

This beautiful bunch of colored tulips dramatically changes the dining space at an Easter lunch. A celebratory or a simple meal, it comes alive when we have colorful flowers that speak a language of delight and joy at your table. The fresh flower arrangement need not be elaborate, but it can match the table decor and complement it. Here, the hostess has used different colors of soups bowls for the first service, and the colorful tulips add that much-required panache.

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flowers in bottles

A rustic corner, a credenza, just livens up with fresh irises from the garden, if you don’t have a garden, these fabulous dark purple iris are easily available at a local florist. Just a simple yet very eye-catching look. We always have a stock of some sort of used bottles, which we have kept, because of a memory, because we liked the shape, or just like that, use these imaginatively and change the look of your home with simple fresh flowers decor.

alstroemeria flower

A white bunch of alstroemeria works out a fabulous look at any tabletop, a doorway, a workspace, a snug room. Any space suits white flowers and any decor suits white flowers, combining it with any container at home, like this one above which is an old-fashioned enamel shaving pot just adds that unusual and elegant look to change the look of your room.

Look at the way a small bunch of bright flowers, has changed the look of the dark corner in a room. The contrasting clear glass vase makes the look a “wow” factor, as it’s like a crystal effect to the beautiful natural bright pink shade of the Dahlia. An otherwise dark corner with dark furniture can look dreary, but fit out the same corner with a vase like this and the look becomes, romantic, sizzling, invigorating and stunning. All these words make any person feel welcomed. Notice how well the designer has used the elements of the glass table top with a clear glass vase and added the luscious bright color of the flowers.

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fresh flowers

The amazing look of this one single fresh flower can bring a real change to the look of your home. If you live close to the sea, or you have a holiday home near a seaside, just bring in some flowers from your garden, or a single two-toned ranunculus like this one from a local florist and plump it out in a vase or clear glass bottle and add a few seashells, your decor has changed! A small single floor can be at a basin yop, a countertop, an outside tabletop, and so many possibilities. Fresh flowers have that ability to just change the look and feel of any room.

So go on and play with fresh flowers and your imagination, they have the ability to make you creative and your home look like its been done up by a professional designer.

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