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At different stages of our lives, our minds work differently, and that comes as no surprise. That means that you now have a chance to design your new home in a way that fits your current state of mind and your particular life stage.

There are many different ways to create the perfect family home for yourself and your loved ones, so buckle up and let’s take a look at some ideas and methods that will help you design a home that’ll make you feel comfortable and even proud.


kitchen island

Nothing is more important than the layout. It’s the basis of everything you’re trying to achieve. When it comes to this, you need to think about two things – visibility and connectivity. Since you’re trying to design a family home, it’s wise to create large, flowing, multifunctional places.

During the early years, you’ll want your children to be with you at all times, and that’s exactly why you need these multifunctional rooms. You’ll also need a place to rest, so a percentage of your ground floor space plan should be spent on quieter and more secluded rooms.

Living room

living room design

There’s one problem with houses that are designed from floor to ceiling – they can feel stuffy, and they might even look uninviting to children, so don’t make that mistake when designing your living room. A spacey living room with lots of windows is what you and your kids need.

Let’s be honest here, kids simply love running around, and we should encourage that. It’s good for their health and development. They also need to be bathed with sunlight if we want them to grow up and become strong and healthy adults and the sunshine helps with that.

In short, good natural light, lots of space, and maybe even access to the garden are the things that make the living room feel comfy, child-friendly, and informal.


kitchen design

Traditional values still hold – especially the idea of the kitchen being the heart of the home, and you can see that if you take a look at most new homes in Australia and in America.

But, that doesn’t mean that kitchen should look modern. Put a grand table in the middle of the kitchen and rattan chairs around it to add some coziness to the space, and some classic cabinets to add a little bit of glamour.

When it comes to kitchen colors, white, blue, gray, and yellow really shine, but feel free to pick the color you like. After all, you and your kids will be the ones spending time there.

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In most homes, bathrooms are small and lack natural light, so it comes as no surprise that some kids simply hate taking a bath. If you don’t have enough room for a big bathroom, try to make it seem bigger with mirrors, windows, and skylights.

Banish clutter, keep everything minimal, create a sense of space in your bathroom and your child will love it.


children bedroom

Ideally, you’ll want to sleep a room or two away from your kids. That might seem like a bad idea at first, but you’ll get why that’s a good idea when they enter their teen years. It would be wise to design a study room in between your bedroom and your kids’ bedroom. That way you’ll be able to get some rest, and your kids will be free to enjoy their privacy.


If you have a basement, don’t wait for a second to turn it into a designated family activity room. Put a home cinema, table tennis, or pinball machines in the basement and have fun with your loved ones without making too much noise and attracting your neighbors’ attention.

Design your home in a way that will allow you to spend time with your children, but always keep in mind that you’ll need some time for yourself as well. Create a home with lots of windows and open spaces, but don’t be afraid to make small changes later if you feel they’ll change your lives for the better.

How to Create a Perfect Family Home was last modified: October 5th, 2019 by Diana Smith

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