Technology makes our lives easier; with gadgets, elements, applications, and appliances. But of course, we have to be careful with increases in electricity consumption. As it provides us with the energy to live as we do, it is almost mandatory to hide wires on walls or order the areas where the electrical connections, cables, outlets, power supplies, etc, are located for safety and for visibility.

Hiding wires on walls

Creativity is required to hide wires on the walls. It is a constructive element that should not be modified after the work is finished.

So if you can’t make modifications to your house; these ideas on how to hide wires without cutting the wall can help you. Moreover, if you can make small transformations in the wall and embed all the wiring in it, do it.

How to hide T.V. wires without cutting wall

electric cables at home

The main reason for doing it this way is tidiness, non-visibility, and easy maintenance. So, here are 5 hacks on how to hide the TV cables without cutting a wall.

No matter which method you choose. The first thing to do: Is to plan ahead and know that all the cables are independent, meaning that each one has a specific length.

Use a white PVC pipe

Store the cables in the tube, depending on the length of the longest cable and the distance from the wall. Place the tube with the cables once inside the wall, fix it with clamps or collars and finally then paint it in the color of your wall.

Use a false wall

Make a wooden wall that protrudes from the original one and between both put the TV cables. The wall can be unicolor, with texture, contrasting colors, etc.

With decorative elements

In this case, you can use books, lamps, sculptures, or whatever you can think of arranged in a certain way to hide the wires.

Camouflage the cables

hiding cables at home

By passing them all over the back of the furniture or in their absence by the table where the TV is, lower it to the floor with a snake cover. Which covers the junction between the floor and the wall.

Buy a piece of furniture just for the TV

It is not the cheapest alternative but maybe the fastest one. A piece of furniture that does not clash with the decoration and in which you can include in the future more elements, decorative or functional.

A bonus: turn your wired wall into an art mural. use the wires as decorative elements, this will give a touch of originality to your decoration.

Creative ways to hide T.V cords

When we talk about creative ways to hide cables, we mean very safe and out-of-sight ways to hide cables. Here we bring you some creative ways to hide TV cables.

  • Replace long TV cables with shorter cables.
  • Overly long TV cables snaking across the floor are difficult to minimize, even with cable management boxes and cable ties. The solution is to replace long cables with shorter ones. The cables can be cut manually and stripped of their length.
  • Hide TV cables in wall raceways. The cables of wall-mounted TVs have a considerable distance to travel upward and remain invisible.
  • Use rails and channels. Which are flat or D-shaped tubes that run along the surface of the wall or baseboard to hide TV cables. Typically, a back strip is screwed to the drywall, with anchors or glued with self-adhesive. After the cables are tucked in, a decorative plate is placed over the back piece.

More creative ways to hide cables

Mounting the power strip on the wall.

When the power strip is placed on the floor, under the TV. It looks messy and inelegant. Simply move the power strip off the floor and attach it to the wall. It is a quick way to make everything tidier.

Bundle cables in a flexible zippered cable organizer

All your cables combine to become one. Organizationally speaking. When you tuck them into a flexible fabric cable organizer these braided sleeves hold up to seven cables and keep them compact and tidy. Hide wires wall mounted TV brick wall

Hide wires wall mounted T.V. on brick walls.

hiding cables on bricks

You can do so commonly above a fireplace, as a focal point in a room, and as such should be quite safe. That involves taking care of the room temperature and taking care, of the distance between the TV and the fireplace and the cables that are around.

The power source must be close to the TV. So you don’t have to do so much to hide the cables. It is a little more complicated to do it in brick walls.

Cable ties are the best friend of tidy cables. This means, that you should have several sizes and thicknesses. One is never enough, and be sure to tidy up the cables before hugging them with the cable tie.

Paint. Paint the walls a dark color if it is the case and goes according to the space. This way the cables that pass through the bricks will be less visible.

Cable channel kit. You can measure and cut them easily, and you can paint them in the background color. It is, in my opinion, the most economical and practical solution to hide cables in brick walls. The cables are laid out and strapped and covered with the cable duct up to the power supply.

Wooden slats. You can make a false shelf where the cables, power strips, and connections are hidden and it is pleasing to the eye. So you can paint it if you think it is necessary or it does not look harmonious, or you can use that element as decoration.

Integration. At the time of designing the space. You can incur that the TV is stored in a piece of furniture; so that it is not permanently visible, with sliding doors, activated manually or automatically.

How to hide speakers wire on the wall

When it comes to movie theaters, which have a specific sound system, that requires the least possible interference; it is imperative to hide the cables from the environment, as they can cause noise.

Use existing wall decorations, paintings, sculptures, etc., to surround the cables and hide them behind them.

You can use clips with nails to fix the cables to the baseboards of the room. So, they will not be hidden but they go to protect.

If the room has carpeting, you can tuck the wires between the carpeting and the baseboards. Which makes them more or less invisible.

Take advantage of the strips of light connections. If you have light strips in the room. You can run speaker wires next to them; so they are completely unobtrusive.

Run the wires under rugs or even carpeting in the room. Flat cables are ideal for this purpose.

However, there are many options for hiding cables in the wall, without the need to embed them inside the wall. Luckily you can do it yourself with a little patience and by checking measurements. To make the process easier you can help yourself with our tools.

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