Going to work shouldn’t be a chore, especially if you’ve got a career that you love. However, when you’re leaving behind your immaculately designed home for an office that’s seen better days, it can be disheartening. You should feel pumped and energized going to work – but poor interior design can whittle away at this.

Your surroundings have a huge effect on how you work and how you feel, so if you’re surrounded by sub-par design that’s looking old and tired, you won’t have that extra energy to work hard. Likewise, if you’re running a trendy start-up, you need to think how it’ll look to young potential employees. They’ve got visions of offices that don’t always match up to expectations. So, if you want the best talent, you should pay more attention to what your office looks like.

Choosing modern furniture

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Modern furniture doesn’t just mean ergonomic features – although this is very important too. Look at ground-breaking designs like standing desks: they’ll not only make your office look more modern, but they’ll help your employees stay healthy and ache-free. When it comes to choosing furniture, look at leading design brand like Knoll. That way, you’re not just buying soulless desks and chairs; you’re investing in art. This approach won’t just make your employees feel happier – it’ll give them a sense of pride, be motivated to work hard and stay loyal.

Using state of the art technology

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One of the biggest drains on productivity is using poor technology. It’s slow, it can’t handle modern demands, it’s rarely compatible with new apps, and it’s not what people want or expect. People use high tech gadgets at home – from laptops and tablets to smart TVs and wearable technology. So, when they come to work and get a lesser experience, it doesn’t go down well. Your office technology should be of the same ilk that you’d have in your own home. It’ll need to be more secure and more powerful, but the essence is the same: smart and sleek. Likewise, using high quality technology will make your employees feel more empowered: they’ve been given these awesome devices, and they’ll do all they can to take care of them, and work hard to make the investment worthwhile.

Incorporating a bright color scheme

So many businesses take a soulless, corporate approach to color. There will be lots of muted, toned down shades – and very few light, bright colors. This is a huge mistake. To energize your employees and bring life to the office, you should replicate the kind of color schemes and design you’d want in your own home. Choose modern, fresh colors that match your brand guidelines, and use splashes of brightness to excite the walls. You could even look at having gorgeous art hung on the wall, or certificates and awards that your business has won. You want to move your business away from this corporate aesthetic: it’s not how modern offices should look anymore.

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