Flat roofs are typically defined as roofs that are sloped just enough to allow water to run off. Depending on your situation, they can be the more practical choice but generally require more maintenance than sloped ones do.

Regardless, it is important to make sure that it is in good condition. You want to know that it is not only safe to walk on, but also that it will not cave in. This guide will help you make sure that your flat roof is properly maintained.

Set a Schedule

Once you vow to start taking care of your roof, you should create a maintenance plan. This will hold you accountable and ensure that you will stay on top of things.

Consider inspecting your roof every 6 months. Also check the ceiling inside; you might notice signs of water damage that are not present on the external surface. Through these checks, you should easily be able to spot small issues before they turn into major problems.

Patching Problem Areas

When you notice issues in your semi-annual inspections, tend to them right away. Again, if they go untreated for too long, you will be dealing with far bigger problems later on.

Smaller issues tend to be simple to fix and can be permanently repaired by a roof contractor during inspections. If there are cracks, for instance, you can seal them with repair solutions specially intended for roofing materials.

If you notice bigger problems, such as sagging spots, you can take action by immediately contacting your roof contractor.

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Remove Debris

Because flat roofs do not have much of an incline, it is important to regularly clear your roof of debris. Use a broom to sweep off leaves, dirt, and small tree branches. If you let these scraps pile up, water will not run off as easily and start to pool.

Plants can even start to grow on top of your roof if you do not attend to the debris for a while. You should also periodically clean out the gutters to facilitate water flow and keep your roof in good condition.

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You can use a chlorine-based solution to help clean your roof. This method is quick and safe for the roof, but can be toxic for nearby wildlife or people with sensitive skin. Use caution when using this kind of wash.

If you want to opt for a more environmentally friendly option, this is a perfect time to break out the pressure washer. The water will help get rid of extra debris and is especially useful for removing stubborn moss or algae.

Trim Surrounding Foliage

To prevent lots of debris from building up, trim the trees that are hanging over your roof. Tree branches can also cause scratches that will be a pain to deal with. Not only will you save yourself work later, you will also make your property appear more attractive and well-kept.

Remove Snow

If you live in a colder climate, it is important to keep your roof clear of snow. Even though it sounds burdensome to climb up to the roof and shovel off snow in freezing temperatures, your efforts will be well worth it.

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Enlist Professional Roof Maintenance

The previous tips are all steps that you can take to help make sure your roof is maintained, but you should also seek professional services. Especially if you own a business, it is a good idea for you to reach out to commercial roof contractors.

Having your roof inspected regularly by a qualified company ensures that is kept in good condition and that your warranty is upheld. Hire a business that is in good standing with OSHA and includes other services along with regular inspections.

If you follow these guidelines to regularly maintain your roof, you will feel at ease knowing that you are increasing its lifespan and reducing your overall investment.

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