Do you live in a populated area, and constantly have to deal with unwanted sounds from around? Whether it’s your loud neighbors, cars honking or the usual hustle and bustle of city life, you do need your peace. At least in your bedroom! After all, this is where you unwind after a hard day at work. If you’re wondering how to reclaim your peace and quiet, and how to soundproof a bedroom, you’ve reached the right place. 

This article lists out simple soundproofing tips for your bedroom. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite sitcom or cuddle up for a good night’s sleep, you must know how to soundproof a bedroom and block all the distressing noises. So, let’s begin!

1. Install thick carpets or rugs

bedroom carpet

Installing thicker carpets, mats or rugs helps muffle the sounds of your feet (or your furry buddy’s paws) which can otherwise vibrate in your room and annoy you at times. Carpets and mats are sound absorbing in nature, even in high-traffic areas. So, if you have hardwood floors, it’s a good idea to throw in a thick floor covering. And, here’s an expert tip: you can place a density rug pad underneath it to boost its noise squashing potential further.

2. Seal and weatherstrip your door

One of the most important steps in soundproofing your bedroom is to weatherstrip your bedroom door and seal it with an acoustical sealant. If your door frame has a gap at the bottom, it can make sound emanate into your room. Adding rubber weatherstripping, a draft stopper, seal, or door sweep, especially at the bottom of the door, will instantly seal up any openings and make your room quieter.

3. Invest in acoustic windows

acoustic windows

A good way to have soundproof windows, especially if their frames vibrate due to passing traffic or loud music, is to replace your existing windows with acoustic windows. Acoustic windows are specially constructed to soundproof a room by preventing sound waves from outside. And, there’s another advantage of installing such windows; they help reduce your cooling and heating bills.

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4. Make your own window plugs

A window plug is yet another way to soundproof your bedroom. The window covering helps keep the noise level down. And, it can be an easy DIY project. All you need is some foam or a soundproofing mat, a thin wooden board to support it, and an adhesive. The window inserts will reduce the sound decibels, and act as good insulation during the winter months. 

5. Get acoustic paneling 

If you’re really serious about soundproofing your bedroom, you can tack up some acoustic foam paneling on your bedroom walls. These are boards or fabrics that you can hang on walls. This quick and effective way helps absorb noise inside the room as well as cuts down on the outside sounds. Basically, they stop noise from bouncing off hard surfaces. No wonder, they are popularly used in home theater rooms and music rooms

6. Hang floor to ceiling drapes

floor to ceiling curtains

Another trick on how to soundproof a bedroom is to install heavy ceiling-mounted curtains, preferably at the head of your bed. The soundproofing drapes or blackout curtains will not just help reduce the sounds bouncing toward you, but will also create a conducive environment for your sleeping quarters.

You can block the noise of passing traffic, sirens, airplanes, and loud pedestrians while adding a soothing, decorative touch to your bedroom. 

7. Get special wallpapers

Interestingly, there are soundproof wallpapers available in the market today. Since they are made of thick polyethylene foam, they effectively dampen vibrations and control noises. So, a good wallpaper will beautify your room and keep those unwelcome sounds at bay. Err…even your next-door neighbor’s snores!

8. Replace your hollow door with a solid one

bedroom door

Generally, a hollow-core door consists of a thin outer layer of wood with a layer of plastic or cardboard inside. Such doors are noisier than solid wood doors. So, if you really want to block out unwanted noises, you can replace your lightweight door with a solid wood door. 

If you don’t want to buy a new door, the next best thing is to add some mass to your existing door. You can attach a drywall or MDF board to your door to add weight and thickness. This step can really help mitigate sound leakage.

9. Add an extra layer of drywall in your bedroom

Here’s a soundproofing technique that does require a bit of work, but it’s an effective way to impede the incoming sounds. You can cover your existing walls and ceilings with ½-inch-thick drywall as an extra layer and then secure it with a sound-deadening caulk. These dampening compounds are easily available in the market. 

10. Rearrange your bedroom furniture

Want to know how to soundproof a bedroom on a budget? The best way to control bedroom noise without buying anything at all is by rearranging your bedroom furniture. Move it in a way that it absorbs sound and prevents it from hitting your ears. For example, you can move that heavy dresser or bookcase to a hallway-facing wall in order to block outside sounds.

11. Cover your walls

floor to ceiling shelving

It’s a fact that hard, vacant surfaces reflect and amplify sounds while soft surfaces absorb sound — making the space quieter. A simple way to soundproof your bedroom walls is to cover them with thick blankets, tapestries, or quilts. 

Another way is to create a soundproof wall is to build a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit and fill it with your favorite books and magazines.

Last words

Everyone needs a little peace and quiet in their bedrooms. Especially, after dealing with a busy, noisy world throughout the day. The maddening sounds can really disrupt your sleep cycle and your home life. 

We hope the above soundproofing solutions will help you cut out the noise without blowing your savings away. Remember that soundproofing need not be complicated or expensive. More often than not, even the simplest soundproofing strategies make a huge difference in restoring peace in your life.

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