A cottage style kitchen has a comfortable and cheerful look that celebrates the imperfections of everyday life. It exudes a comfy, casual vibe that invites everyone to gather and share hearty chats. 

What Is a Cottage Style Kitchen?

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A cottage style kitchen is easily identified by its cheery and bright ambiance. Such types of kitchens often feature simple white cabinets, a farmhouse sink, a butcher block topped kitchen island, wood flooring and plenty of charm. You can define the style as ‘furnished from flea markets’ and colors that are taken straight from a lush flower garden. 

The typical cottage style kitchen color scheme comprises whites and soft pastels. Having said that, you can always play around with other vibrant pops of colors to start the day on a bright note.

Do keep in mind that a cottage style kitchen is different from a farmhouse kitchen. While a cottage kitchen exhibits an element of elegance in its decor, while focusing on comfort, a farmhouse style kitchen tends to lean towards a more simplistic design and decor. 

Want to know how to decorate and spice up your cottage style kitchen? Read on for some tips and tricks for the perfect cottage look. 

1. Opt for Beadboard Panels

Beaded panel wainscoting is the most common design style in a cottage style kitchen. The thin, vertical white beaded board panels aligned closely together is a familiar sight in traditional vacation or beach cottages. But, you can go for a different look by opting for horizontal strips or painting them in a pleasing color like electric blue, soothing green, or sunny yellow. It will make the place cheerful as well as visually exciting. The kitchen will soon become everyone’s favorite cottage kitchen — including your family and friends.  

2. Inject a Dose of Colors

The classic cottage style kitchens tend to be all-white, which is elegant and lends a crispness to the overall look. However, you can pep the ambiance up by injecting a dose of colors. For example, a white cottage kitchen will shine if you paint the existing cabinets (or just the upper cabinets) in pastel or another light color. The color can be injected through other ways too such as through the appliances, kitchen island, or the sink.

3. Create a Comfortable Seating Corner

Cottage style is comfortable and inviting. Emphasize on that feel and utilize a comfy seating arrangement to create a space for family members and guests to sit and talk. A padded banquette with a couple of soft pillows will be enough for making everyone feel at home. However, you can pair it up with a table and wicker chairs to create a warm corner for dining and conversation. This place can also be like a mini living room for those informal gatherings.  

4. Pair up With the French Style

Mixing the cottage style with another homogeneous design approach will take your kitchen’s style statement to a new level. Incorporating some French country style décor techniques will add up to the beauty of the place. 

5. Install Open Shelving

Open shelves

Inset and open shelving cabinets proudly displaying your chinaware and collectibles, a rustic chandelier shining brightly over the head, and soft colors on the cabinets and walls that bring instant comfort will provide Parisian country charm in a cottage style kitchen.

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6. Adopt a Black-and-White Style

Most traditional cottage style kitchens tend to be white. While the color brings a polished charm, adding hints of a contrasting color will make the look more interesting. A combination of black and white colors looks classic as well as artistic. So, jazz up your white kitchen a bit with hints of black on the cover of the vent hood, a subway tile backsplash, and the handles of the kitchen cabinets and drawers. The style is so refreshing as well as tasteful that it can be adopted in any style of kitchens – traditional or modern.

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7. Bring Wooden Fixtures

The white color also works well with any types of wood tones – whitewash, natural, unfinished, or dark. So, don’t hesitate to bring wooden fixtures into your cottage style kitchen. It can be the island surface, stools, or the window frames, and they will add a new visual texture to the overall look of the place.

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8. Incorporate Your Personal Styles

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The word ‘cottage’ denotes a particular style, but it also celebrates personal styles. Ask five people to define the concept, and you are likely to get five different answers. So, don’t hesitate to incorporate your design ideas or personal styles. It could be dark wood floors, wall paneling, exposed rustic ceiling beams, a weathered piece of wooden furniture, or something else. But, whatever it is, be careful that it does not clash with the look of the rest of the kitchen or look utterly out of place.

Last Thoughts

Cottage style is cheerful and welcoming and oozes a laid-back vibe. These kitchen decor tips will make that style more appealing without sacrificing its simple, unpretentious feel. Apply these kitchen design ideas, and your cooking area will feel like a giant hug with a broad smile on its face!

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