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When it comes to spending time in your house, you probably spend the most hours in the hub of the home—the kitchen. If you’ve got space to sit, it’s where you might eat casual meals or do homework or pay bills. It’s also where you prep those meals and clean up, too. That means that your kitchen needs to function to the best of its abilities—and to do that, items such as cabinets should function and look good, too. But to renovate those kitchen cabinets can be a pricey exercise. In fact, if you want to redo your kitchen, the cabinets can quickly eat up about 50 percent of the total budget.

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               Luckily, however, the wide range of do-it-yourself options, from paint to other ideas, can help you give your cabinets a fresh look and help them function better, too. This graphic offers some inspiring ideas to help you redo your kitchen.

The Many Ways to Upgrade, Repair, and Reconfigure Your Kitchen Cabinets

Infographic by John Moore Services
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