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There are endless indirect lighting ideas that will make your space more welcoming and stylish. Besides decorating and generating a feeling of greater space, indirect light also offers a pleasant atmosphere by highlighting the line of the area where it is located and providing faded light that is responsible for producing luminous effects with a bright, non-localized illumination. It’s no wonder this type of lighting is back in fashion, in homes and in offices.

In indirect lighting, the lighting system (today it’s LED) is hidden, and the visible light is reflected on the ceiling or walls, depending on the type of installation.

Indirect lighting systems can be installed in different shapes and styles depending on the distribution of your furniture, and the location of your entrances and windows.

LED lights

LED lights provide a clean and quiet light and less energy consumption and greater durability than older systems. Installation is very simple, as LED lights are glued directly to the ceiling or wall to get the desired measure of continuous light without shadows. Before installing lighting on a ceiling or wall, the distribution of light must also be properly considered to create the desired environment.

The distribution can be set up for any length or width you desire. LED technology allows the lighting line to be precisely adjusted to the limit of any angle, something that was impossible with the fluorescent tubes of yesteryear, which created shadows that were difficult to correct.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When installing indirect lighting, you must take into account the angle of view, and the height and width of the walls so that the elements or mechanisms of illumination is not seen and only the light is visible.

Indirect lighting ideas for ceilings

Simple indirect light

The indirect light is placed in a pit on the whole perimeter of the ceiling or on a single wall. The pit can be any size.

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Indirect light in tray

The indirect light is placed inside a tray of width and height chosen according to the dimensions of the room and the desired effect of the project.

indirect lighting tips

Central indirect light

The indirect light is placed in a pit on a double false ceiling in the center of the space.

Indirect light can be placed all around the perimeter of a false ceiling or wall, or on a single side or line to put greater attention on the illuminated area.

Indirect lighting in walls

Lights can be hidden behind a screen wall, decorative applique, tray or other special structure.

When installing a screen wall to house indirect light, distances and view angles must be studied to make sure the light source is completely hidden and the light will illuminate the desired space.

Keep in mind that when the light is projected on an object, its surface must be free of imperfections, as any such detail will be accentuated.

More tips for creating an inviting environment

Moldings are characteristic of classical architecture that, with the modern decorative movement, are gradually disappearing. They are, however, especially useful in making your indirect lighting ideas a reality, since they allow for hiding sources of light and dispersing it throughout the room to reflect on the ceiling, the floor or the walls. Thankfully, moldings are staging a style comeback as they offer a chic, classic touch to any space.

To achieve a balanced and comfortable final result, your indirect lighting project must be clearly defined from the beginning.

If the room has a generous free height, a false ceiling can be created to hold the lighting. In this case, the level of the perimeter is lowered to create a “hole” in the center that will enrich and bring dynamism to space. This same operation can be done in reverse, decreasing the height of the central part of the ceiling and illuminating the portion of the roof that surrounds it. This is a good strategy if you want to give prominence to certain areas.

indirect lighting for office

When it comes to lighting your ceiling, you can be infinitely creative and choose unique solutions, playing with curved or irregular shapes, combining different heights, the sky’s the limit. Don’t think that linear indirect lighting is limited to flat ceilings, it can also be used to great effect on inclined roofs.

In classical décor, ornamentation was not limited to the ceiling. The walls were enriched with baseboards, panels, frames and niches. Today’s indirect lighting ideas can a very effective resource for adding volume and theatricality to a wall, such as on balustrades or behind mirrors.

Stair Lighting

indirect lighting

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