A family room is like a less-formal living room that is used by all family members for recreation and relaxation purposes. No wonder keeping this space great looking and functional is a priority with most homeowners. We have curated 13 family room lighting ideas that will make this area the perfect place to unwind and entertain friends and family.

Basically, such a room requires three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient light is for overall illumination, task lighting directs light to specific work zones, and accent lights highlight particular objects.

The best family room lighting ideas are born when you combine all three in a creative way. You will find an endless supply of family and living room lighting ideas for every taste and setting within these basic requirements.

While designing a lighting plan for your family room, consider all the activities that happen there. You will need ambient lighting for entertaining guests and watching television, task lighting for reading, and accent lighting for artwork and pictures. Whichever lighting (or a combination of them) you use, be sure that it brings out the best features of your family room.

Here are some clever ideas to keep in mind when lighting your family room, or even the living room for that matter. So, let’s begin exploring them.

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1. Get The Perfect Ceiling Accent Lights

There is something very chic about ceiling accent lights. These smart lights around the perimeter of a ceiling provide a unique detail to a family room. They accentuate the architectural details of the room and also add an aura of elegance to this space.

Combine these with recessed lights and you have a family room that’s different. And, who says a family room cannot be sophisticated? With the right kind of lighting, you can create the perfect space to spend time with your family members.

One big lighting design trend at the moment is pendant lighting.

2. Make A Statement With Unique Sconces

When it comes to family room lighting ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment with unique light fixtures. Make a bold statement with different-looking sconces.

Opt for modern sconces that are adjustable, allowing you to change the direction where the light falls. Even more importantly, such fixtures provide a unique, sculptural element that sets a modern tone for the space.

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3. Add A Centerpiece That Does The Talking


Whether you opt for a grand chandelier or decorative pendant lights, a stunning light fixture can complete a family room. You can use such light fixtures to brighten the seating area. This arrangement creates a perfect focal point.

Our advice is to install lights with a dimmer switch that allows you to set the mood for a fun get-together or a romantic rendezvous.

4. Go For Minimalistic Elegance

This minimalist setting, with strip lighting and unique wall sconces, provides understated elegance to this modern family room. The focus light kept in the corner seems to add a unique touch to this space. That, combined with the light coming from the electric fireplace, makes this room homey and welcoming. 

5. Bring Together A Contemporary Mix

A great lighting design combines varied light sources. Here, the homeowner makes use of recessed lights as well as hanging accent lights at different levels of the room. The layers of light from a number of types of fixtures open up the room and make it perfect for entertaining friends.

6. Let There Be Natural Lighting

Nothing compares to a family room that allows a lot of natural light into its folds. The all-glass doors and clerestory windows add a lot of warmth to this family room. What’s more, there’s minimum usage of electric lighting because the room is already bright and sunny.

7. Go Recessed All The Way

If your family room is huge, chances are, a single ceiling light will not be sufficient. A good idea is to use multiple overhead lights, such as recessed lighting. Such lighting makes a room appear bigger and brighter as it takes up less visual space. Needless to say, the room gets a warm glow and looks elegant. Want more light? Add on a few accent lights too. 

8. Enhance Every Visible Space

A successfully lit room has no corners left in shadows. We feel, each area deserves to be illuminated and enlivened. Here, there’s an eye-catching decorative chandelier with ceiling accent lights and recessed lights. Together, they ensure that every nook and corner of your family room is brightened up.

The right mix of light fixtures can make a world of difference in the look and feel of a room. No wonder, the ambiance here has a warm and welcoming vibe.

9. Think Bright With LED lighting

led lights cord

A good list of family room lighting ideas is incomplete without the cost-effective, energy-saving, and long-lasting LED fixtures. And, LED lights are becoming increasingly popular as they are no longer as impersonal or bland as they used to be.

Notice this beautiful arrangement of ceiling accent lighting, set within built-in backlit lights. The wall-mounted sconces further brighten up the room.

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10. Create A Cozy Setting With Table Lamps

Table lamp lighting

Table lamps are a perfect choice to make your family room a little cozier, a little homey. And, they’re even better in pairs. Set matching table lamps on side tables to give the space a sense of balance and symmetry. Placing them in front of mirrors will help illuminate the room even more. 

11. Illuminate Corners With Floor Lamps

A comfortable couch or a lonely armchair instantly becomes a calm reading nook when you place a floor lamp next to it. It creates a cozy spot that’s perfect for curling up with a book and a hot cuppa. And, the corner looks bright and full of life. We also love the matching white table lamp in the small dining room next to the family room.

12. Choose Multitaskers Like Ceiling Fan Lights

A great way to illuminate a family room is to install an eye-catching ceiling fan light. This innovative design combines light and fan in a modern, stylish way. What’s more, it easily becomes the focal point of the room. Apart from this, you can add beautiful floor lamps and other accent lights for more brightness.

13. Use Track Lighting To Focus On Your Artwork

Track lighting

Track lighting makes for perfect picture lights — throwing focus where you want it. If you’re proud of any artwork in your house or merely want to showcase your family pictures, these structured lights are the best bet.

The frame-mounted lights spread a beam of bright, incandescent light across the face of paintings or drawings made by your children. What’s more, they lend a clean look to your family room.


If you have a beautifully designed family or living room, use any of our lighting ideas to make a stunning visual impact. Smart lighting is one of the most essential elements of a room. It will not just enliven the space but also bring out its best architectural features.

That’s why it’s important to plan your lighting at the time of interior designing and keep it at the top of your renovation list. We suggest you consider all sources of light. Whether it’s a task light over a sofa for reading, a unique pendant light, or a grand chandelier — the right illumination will brighten up the whole room.

What’s more, smart lighting also increases the value of your house. So, installing the perfect lights is a win-win situation for you. Trust us, you will want to spend most of your time in a room that’s bright and happy.

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Angela Waterford
Angela Waterford

My husband told me that it would be a great idea for us to sell the house once we get some illumination on some of the rooms that need more lighting. I think I’ll buy some ornate sculpted tableside lamps from a good store so we can decorate the rooms and fill the room with better ambiance. It’s good to know that they’re a perfect choice to make the living room look cozier as well, so I might look for a store that sells them.