Overhead lighting is important to every part of our home, be it the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, or even your walk-in wardrobe. However, what do you do when you have to install new lighting into a space that does not have existing wiring for it?

To hire an electrician to handle the job for you could be quite an expensive proposition. And if your current home is a rental, there may even be regulations that prevent you from doing so.  In this short read, we’re going to discuss some DIY tips on how to install ceiling lights without wiring.

Lighting options when you do not have existing wiring

Use plug-in lighting fixtures

ceiling light without existing wiring

Installing plug-in lights does not need existing electrical wires, you can do it as long as you have an electrical outlet and can install a hook in the ceiling joists wherever you need to fix the lights. The hook is just to hold the fixture in place.

These lights are most often hanging lights, such as chandeliers or pendant lighting, both of which are great options for overhead lighting. The choice of designs, colors, and patterns are literally endless, you can choose fixtures that complement the theme of the rest of your home.

You also have a wide range of light bulbs you could choose from. Smart LED lights are the new crowd favorite. These bulbs help you save a considerable amount of money on your energy bills, you can also connect with them using Wi-fi through your mobile phone, control their colors, turn them on or off remotely, and more.

If the plug-in light future you purchased does not have a cord long enough to reach the nearby outlet, you could even purchase extension kits to facilitate the same.

Wireless LED lights

ceiling led lights

For places such as your walk-in wardrobe and bathrooms, wireless LED lights are your best option. These lights are extremely affordable and are often self-adhesive, which means you can stick them onto the roof of the room or use them as wall mount lights if need be. 

The best part about wireless LED lights is that they use batteries, which means you do not even need an electric outlet to use them.

Arc floor lamps

Overhead lights do not necessarily need to be ceiling mounted. Arc floor lamps are just as efficient when it comes to overhead lighting, especially if you choose lamps that have large arcs. 

The design of large arc floor lamps makes them more efficient at providing light away from the wall sockets as compared to table lamps. If you place them right, arc floor lamps can be the perfect reading lights or even light up a small dining table perfectly.

Torchiere lamps

Once again, these are not really overhead lights, but you can use them instead of one, especially if that purpose is ambient lighting. In fact, there are those that would argue that torchiere lights are better at ambient lighting than even recessed lighting.

Torchiere lamps get their name from the French word for torch. These lamps feature a bulb with a reflective shade at the end of a tall pole. They create an uplight, and it is this that makes the perfect type of lighting for setting the mood in a room, especially when you’re entertaining guests.

While most torchiere lamps are best used for ambient lighting and not as task lights, some modern models do double up as effective reading lights. 

And while a lot of people consider torchiere lights to be old-fashioned, they do come in a variety of designs guaranteed to add a touch of class to your home’s interiors. So make sure you buy the right model that is built to serve the purpose you have in mind for it. 

Safety tips to install a ceiling light

no cables in ceiling lights
  1. Always make sure you turn off the main power to the area you are going to be working on the light fixture installation.
  1. Use a voltage tester to make sure the power is off entirely before you begin working.
  1. Always make sure the voltage of the light sockets matches the operating voltage of the light bulbs you are installing. Otherwise, your lights will not work effectively.
  1. If you need to install recessed lighting from scratch, always make sure you know what the roofing material is. For example, the tools you would need to cut holes in a drywall ceiling are different from the tools you would need to use to cut holes in a concrete ceiling.
  1. Never install lights close to a heat source. Heat tends to damage bulbs and affect their longevity.
  1. Make sure to measure distances from the light source and ceiling fans, especially if you’re installing chandeliers or pendant lights. You do not want either of them to be damaged as a result of a faulty installation.
  1. Having individual light switches for different types of lights makes it easier to turn on and off lights based on necessity.
  1. If you lack experience working with electrical systems or feel unsure, always call upon the services of a licensed electrician to install the fixtures for you.
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