Wallpaper has been around for decades. In the beginning, the material seemed to portray a sense of old-fashioned permanency; now, it’s making a comeback, giving the word nostalgia, with new ideas and a new meaning for home decorating.

Some homeowners may not like the idea of wallpaper, as it may be impossible to take down, or maybe because it could make a home feel outdated. That’s not the thought process that interior designers want you to have, though. Today, wallpaper should be looked at as one of the best ways to personalize a room. A way to make it feel like you added your own element of design to it.

To get the ball rolling, and to get all of you on board the wallpaper train, we’re going to explore the most interesting wallpaper ideas for this year. Everything from timeless floral to texturized selections will be mentioned. When our time’s up, it’ll be up to you to pick the best suiting wallpaper for your home.

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Timeless Floral

floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper has always given homes a classical and traditional vibe; some would go as far as to say the floral prints magnified the sophistication of the room. Now, in the 21st century, floral wallpaper has taken a more contemporary and modern turn.

Instead of plastering floral wallpaper on your walls that exhibit a never-ending display of arranged greenery, you can opt to think outside the box. With today’s creative designers, nothing is impossible.

For instance, one of the most cutting-edge, new-aged floral designs presents nature-themed imagery. Having a wallpaper filled with flowers, and only flowers can get boring to look at. Nature-themed imagery can make the floral aspect of the wallpaper pop while adding a little extra fun to the walls.

Shapes, Shapes, Shapes

shapped wallpaper

Geometrical wallpaper has been this two-dimensional repetitive pattern that’s hidden in the shadows for quite some time; well, it’s peaking its head out once again for the world to see.

Do you remember in recent years, when digital prints like squares, circles, triangles, and diamonds took turns sharing the spotlight for geometrical wallpaper of the year? This year, not one of those shapes made the cut. In fact, many designers are claiming that hexagon-inspired wallpaper is the way to go.

The hexagon shape has won the award for the most complex shape known in popular geometrical wallpaper. However, that doesn’t mean that all its uses are complex. The hexagon can act alone, giving your home a more minimalistic look. Or, the hexagon can be combined with other imagery, creating something totally unique and true to your style.

Even still, the hexagon shape can be displayed in either a 2D appearance or a 3D appearance; it all depends on the final look you choose.

Colors & Tones Matter, Too

color wallpaper

Last year, Pantone’s creation won color the year: Ultra Violet. This dark, romantic-like color won the hearts of many homeowners, but it was not carried over into this year.

Wallpaper designers discussed the new color and tone trends, and they came to a relatively similar conclusion; deeper color tones will stick around yet again.

Interior designers are currently interested in colors like navy blue, burnt red, mustard yellow, and forest green. Each of these colors portrays a different sense of richness and vibrancy, but they all have deeper meanings, too. The darker colors will be used to create a warm and cozy atmosphere; they’ll also provide a sense of romanticism and mysteriousness, depending on the shade chosen. On the other hand, the lighter colors being selected will throw off a welcoming vibe to all that enter the home.

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Murals are Still a Thing

Mural wallpaper

Murals are generally any piece of artwork painted or applied to a wall or permanent surface. Many of them are intricate and delicately designed to perfection, to make a statement in a room. In fact, as far as wallpapers go, murals are hands down the best storytellers of the room; they give you the power to choose all the specifics. You can choose to be subtle and abstract, or you can choose to be creative and scenic.

The new mural trend is seen like this: A plain white background with a design constructed using multiple colors and patterns. An example of this could relate back to the floral elements; for instance, you can choose to paint the background of your walls white, and then apply a mural wallpaper cut precisely to the design you’d like to display. The design can harbor nature and flowers, but the background can consistently be white, giving the design the ability to take the stage.

Feel-Friendly Material

Texture wall

Texturized wallpapers tend to be uneven, and not particularly smooth. The mere look of the material will add a two-dimensional design to the room.

With textural wallpapers, you’ll be able to be boring without really being ‘boring.’ A simple beige-like shade will add spice to the room, whether it be a grass cloth or a faux suede material. The texturized material will provide depth to the room, without taking attention away from the furniture and décor inside.

What’s more, is that you won’t need to add an out-of-the-box color to your walls. If you do want to put a twist on the texturized wallpaper that you choose, you can go with an ombre print. This tonal option is best when done with nude colors, as it will provide a light and dark transition that’s pleasing to the eye.

Painterly Options

paint roller

Painterly refers to a specific type of application process involving paints. This ‘loose’ after-appearance displays relevant and visible brushstrokes on the walls once they’ve finished drying. Painterly is now a wallpaper option that inhibits the same natural-looking effect.

Most of the time, painterly refers to a water-inspired design, as this is the easiest way to accurately convey a scene using visible brushstrokes. For example, painterly patterns such as the ocean and the sky become vividly intense to the eye of the designer and homeowner, drawing you into the elegance of the walls.

There’s a 5th Wall?

The rest of the up-and-coming wallpaper options for this year may have crossed your mind recently, but have you thought about the concept of the 5th wall?

It’s extreme, we know, but there is a 5th wall in every one of your rooms (hint: it’s the ceiling).

For years now, the ceiling has been looked at as a surface to roll some white paint on, but how boring is that? The ceiling is ready to come out of hiding, and it is time to make a visually striking appearance. Generally speaking, we don’t typically have a good reason to look up at the ceiling on a day-to-day basis, unless we can’t fall asleep at night or a spider is crawling up there that we can’t take our eyes off. However, interior design wants to change that.

You’ve probably heard of the concept known as a feature wall. It says that one wall in the room is more appealing to look at than the rest, be it that there’s a mural or a brighter color presented on that wall. The ceiling is going to be treated just like that feature wall this year.

To get this done the right way, you’ll want to choose vibrant colors and expressive designs, like the color kelly green or a design that displays the sky. Trust us when we say, it’ll be fun.

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Now that you have the most interesting wallpaper ideas for this year in the palm of your hands, it’s time for you to choose the best fit for your house. Try mixing it up; choose one option for one room, and another for another room. Remember, wallpaper shouldn’t have that permanent reputation related to it anymore. You can indeed change it when you want to try something new. Have fun picking and choosing!

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