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If there’s one place you want to feel completely at home, it’s in your kitchen. Most of us spend a great deal of time there. Our kitchens are where we nourish ourselves and our family, where we gather to make plans, hatch ideas, and enjoy one another’s company. Does your kitchen make you happy? Could it use a little TLC? Maybe adding splashes of some creative kitchen colors can do the trick?

Painting your kitchen can make a world of difference

Kitchens beckon to be painted for a variety of reasons:

  • Perhaps the kitchen colors seem tired or out of style
  • Perhaps the paint is worn, and the dings, scuffs, and stains are making you cringe
  • Maybe you’ve just remodeled or replaced some appliances

Whatever your reason, there are a dizzying number of beautiful colors and options to ponder. And there are so multiple color schemes that are trending recently. Below, are some of our favorite picks:

What are the commonly used kitchen colors?

modern kitchen colors

You can choose from a wide range of kitchen colors to match your taste and style.

If you wish to add a touch of nature, go for shades of blue — a lighter color palette shall bring in the feel of the beach and sky. You may even opt for bold colors such as turquoise, aqua, navy, or cobalt.
Own a small kitchen? Choose a white kitchen. It shall not only add a contemporary feel but shall make a cramped space look bigger.
Additionally, small doses of neon yellow and green can lend life to dull cooking spaces. Orange and red also feature in the list of favorite colors among many homeowners. Whereas orange can warm up any space, red gives a modern edge to your kitchen.

Tips and tricks to pick perfect color schemes for important kitchen elements

However, even if you choose the perfect color scheme, you won’t be able to get that perfect look in your kitchen unless you blend in all the elements properly. So, check out our tips on choosing kitchen colors for some of the important components in your cooking space. 

1. Painting tips for kitchen countertops

Since countertops are a central feature in your kitchen, this is a great place to begin the search for successful kitchen color schemes. When you look down at your countertop, what do you see? Chances are you notice a mix of colors, including one that is dominant and others that are secondary. These secondary colors add depth and interest.

Extending the dominant color to your walls is generally not a good idea, especially if the dominant color is dark. On the other hand, choosing a wall color that matches one of those secondary colors can create a very pleasing harmonious look.

kitchen paint colorsPhoto by John Coley on Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

For a more vibrant high energy effect, consider choosing a paint color that complements one of the secondary colors in your countertop. Complementary colors embolden one another – think green & red, purple & yellow, black & white.

Complementary colors are colors that contrast rather than match. They’re dynamic rather than harmonious. A color wheel is a useful tool to help you identify complementary color combinations.

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TIP: Planning to Remodel Your Kitchen? Use our free Kitchen Remodeling Calculator to Find Out the Remodeling Cost Instantly.

2. Color schemes for kitchen cabinets

Because kitchen cabinets typically account for 40%-60% of the visual space in your kitchens, it’s wise when painting your walls to consider replacing, resurfacing or repainting your cabinets at the same time.

If your goal is to minimize the appearance of your kitchen cabinets, choose wall and cabinets colors that are similar or the same. To accentuate your cabinets, choose colors that are distinctly different, even complementary opposites.

red kitchen decorPhoto by Geneldekorasyon, from Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

In the photo above the cabinets are especially prominent. Why is that? Of course, their bright red color has something to do with it, but what effect do you think it would have if the wall and cabinet colors were more alike?

Perhaps your kitchen cabinets have a natural wood finish with a yellow, red, blue or brownish hue. Consider a wall color that includes at least a touch of that tint (for example a reddish-white or a yellowish-white). Natural wood cabinetry and painted walls look best when they relate to one another in this way.

3. Color tips for the flooring

Remember that your kitchen floor is also part of the mix. It’s a good idea to place your kitchen color swatches down on the floor to see if some options relate better than others. This may prove an effective way to whittle down your options.

kitchen wall colorsPhoto by Chalon Handmade on Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

4. Adding context

Stepping into your kitchen shouldn’t be an aesthetic shock to your senses. Focus on kitchen colors that complement the feel and appearance of your home overall. Your kitchen can have a distinct personality but still needs to get along well with neighboring rooms.

kitchen color schemes

5. Coordinating art, photographs, and favorite dishware

What decorative artwork, photographs, furnishings, and dishware will your kitchen feature? To achieve a coordinated look, remember to also keep these items in mind while thinking through the cabinet and wall color options.

6. Seeking professional assistance

You may find it helpful to engage the trained eye of a professional color consultant, someone with the experience to know how those tiny swatches of color you’re considering will translate onto your walls.

color palette from image

Color consultants understand how color shapes a room’s personality. They know how to choose a pallet for your kitchen that relates well to adjoining spaces.

A good consultant will seek to learn your unique style – be it modern and sleek, bold, funky or traditional – and whether a color’s resale value or contemporary trends are important factors to you.

If this will be a DIY project, you may want to visit Houzz for a little inspiration. Paint company websites like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are also a great resource for ideas.

And be sure to check out apps that let you upload a photo of your very own kitchen and explore color options virtually. Paint Tester is one of many such apps.

As you contemplate kitchen paint color options, here are five tips to help you select a winning combination.


Choosing new kitchen paint colors can be fun. Live with your options for a while, and be sure to view them at different times of the day as the light shifts. With your overall aesthetic goals in mind, don’t hesitate to think outside the box.

As long as you ponder your choices holistically, observing how colors relate to and influence one another, you’re bound to find a kitchen color scheme that is unique, lovely and welcomes you in.


Kitchen Colors : Clever Tips To Choose The Best Color Scheme was last modified: June 6th, 2019 by Deborah Costolloe

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