If you use your kitchen even on a periodical basis you will notice how the kitchen floor gets greasy with time. You might ignore this greasy floor for the time being. But once the greasy floor absorbs dust and dirt and becomes sticky, then you have no choice but to give it a hard clean. Now comes the part how to clean it. There are a number of ways actually. You can do it yourself or you can get a machine. However, since you took the kitchen floor to an unbearable position by ignoring it, I think you really have a shortage of time. So, I believe a kitchen floor cleaning machine would be great for you.

Some Machine Suggestions

There are different types of machines based on your budget. Some machines will wash, clean and then dry your floor on the go and for some, you have to spray yourself. I will try to give you a short tour of these machines.

Floor Cleaner + Wiper

I have a rule of my own while buying electronics. I try to buy only branded products. These cost a bit more but that is totally worth it. So, if your kitchen floor is bothering you much and you have much money to spend on It, then you can try out branded products of this category. These machines clean and vacuum any type of hard floor at the same time. Also, these machines might come with smart rollers. These smart rollers remove excess water so that the floor can be dried in two or three minutes. Moreover, this smart roller can be washed and reused. This type of cleaners might have a system to keep clean water and dirty water separate. When you buy these, you should look for this feature. You can find loads of options about while buying these types of cleaners. If you are buying online then compare one product with another and read some reviews.

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Steam Cleaners

These cleaners use steam to clean your floor. The best thing about these is that there is no use of chemicals. The price range is a bit lower too. Also, you get to choose from many variations. These cleaners come with a warranty of 2 to 3 years. The best thing about these cleaners is that these can be used for multiple surfaces. Some of the cleaners of this category might be bigger in size as they might have the capacity to clean for a longer time. But most of the steam cleaners are of small size. No matter what the size is. These steam cleaners are pretty good products for your super greasy and dirty kitchen. You can change the microfiber pads of these products.  Again, you will get different suggestions if you want to buy steam floor cleaners online or superstores. It would be better if you compare the features and get some reviews.

Low Budget Spray Mops

If you are low on budget and too lazy to clean your kitchen floor regularly then there are products made especially for you. These are the spray mops. These are super easy to use and will save your floor from being filthy for the time being. The only hard part is that these do not run by electric and you have to mop these by yourself. Don’t fret already. These are pretty lightweight. These mops come with microfiber pads and a holding cup. the microfiber pads can easily be detached and cleaned. The holding cups differ in capacity to hold cleaner liquid. You have a lever to spray liquid in these mops. You spray the liquid and swipe your floor clean. The best part about these is that these are light and easy to handle. So, you can reach corners more easily with spray mops. You can find many spray mops in stores or online. Pick your one by comparing the holding cup size and number of microfiber pads they are giving with the product.

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Floor Cleaner Liquids

If you use the spray mops then you need to know a bit about the floor cleaners. People all the time search for the best floor cleaner liquid, best kitchen floor cleaner etc. Well, you cannot specify any product as the best. But I can recommend something that can work on all types of floors. The only drawback for this is that you have to make it. So, here it goes:

Take a bucket or bowl in which you don’t eat for a while. Now, pour 2 cups of warm water into it.  Add half cup white vinegar. Pour one-fourth of a cup of rubbing alcohol (Surgical Spirit) into the mixture. Now, add three drops of liquid dish soap. And finally add 5 to 10 drops of essential oils (Lemon, lavender or peppermint). Mix the whole thing. As the mixture gets ready to take it into the holding cup and start swiping.

You can also find different cleaners in store and online. Pick the one that is best for you.

Cleanliness is a Great Virtue

You might be living all by yourself in a flat or house. You might not stay at home all the time. You might come home only at night. You can show various reasons for not cleaning your house but try to clean your kitchen at least. Try to clean it periodically if not regularly. You might get sick from the dirty and greasy kitchen floor. So, spend some time and money to save your doctor fee. Good luck with the cleaning.

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