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Do not give up your kitchen makeover just because of a tight budget. Here are some great kitchen remodeling ideas that can make your kitchen look like new without breaking the bank.

If there is one place in the house that most people want to address sooner or later, it’s the kitchen. Giving it a much-needed updated look, for example. Or changing the counter for a fancier or more practical one. Or getting a new floor because the original is ugly, or new walls because the tile is outdated or simply ‘does not say anything.’

In reality, what we want in most cases is to give a completely different appearance to the kitchen: placing the furniture we have always dreamed of (with drawers included), installing more aesthetically pleasing floor tiles, applying a trendsetter color to the walls and distributing available space exactly as suits us.

Indeed, a brand new kitchen is in the plans of most homeowners. But, make no mistake, it is an expense that is not always acceptable or prudent. So we resist our renovation urges, although we still complain about current aspects of the space.

To stop all that, we propose some fabulous kitchen remodeling ideas for renewing your kitchen with a tight budget.

Ideas to renovate your kitchen without spending a lot of money

  • You don’t need to spend an entire year’s salary on the furniture. In many home furniture stores, modules are sold in sets, and are therefore cheaper than putting the configuration together yourself – they are called kitchen kits. Another option is to change only some of the older pieces. You could, for example, start with the cabinets above the countertop. Or only change the cabinet doors.
  • Do not change the furniture if yours is fine, though outdated. A simple and extremely effective solution is to paint them. There is a wide variety of products on the market that are also easy to apply. You can choose from white, black, vanilla, anthracite, stone, chocolate, red, tangerine, eggplant – your imagination is the only limit when it comes to color. And you can choose the best effect for your furnishings, lacquered or matte. In the event that your furniture is made of wood, you can simply apply some varnish that will get them to shine again and look like new.

Painting kitchenPhoto by Olger Fallas on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

  • You’d be surprised to know the huge effect changing the handles and hardware of your kitchen cabinets will have on the look of the whole room. The possibilities are almost endless here, too, although it is best to try to relate your hardware with another element in the room. For example, if the appliances are made of steel, so could the cabinet handles.
  • When deciding on colors, consider the predominant tones in the countertop or kitchen furniture so that you produce a cohesive look. If, for example, the predominant colors are dark, it might be better to opt for lighter shades for the walls so there is contrast.

TIP: Planning to Remodel Your Kitchen? Use our free Kitchen Remodeling Calculator to Find Out the Remodeling Cost Instantly.

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  1. Perhaps the idea of painting doesn’t excite you simply because your tiles are not bad; if your kitchen has white tiles, for example, they will not go out of style. In those cases, there are some simple and effective options to give a little turn to your kitchen’s look: hang sheets on the walls with motifs related to food or panels with messages. You can even do something as small as putting new ornaments, plants or kitchen items on any open shelves and your countertop.

6. One of the changes that can undoubtedly and most easily transform the look of your kitchen has to do with the countertops. Sometimes just by changing the color, the kitchen becomes practically unrecognizable. The range of prices and materials is surprising, so there is no need to pay a lot to renew your kitchen.

Do you have more ideas? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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