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Smart technology is infiltrating the heart of the home, and we couldn’t be happier. Prepare for a kitchen revolution with some of these latest kitchen technology trends. Many of our kitchen remodeling projects are updated with smart devices and appliances and the option to manage your kitchen from your smartphone is about to get real – very real. The possibilities for efficiency, convenience, and time-saving routines are only beginning to open up – and like everything technology related, those possibilities seem endless.

Smart Ovens

Heading home from work? Preheat your oven from your smartphone so you can slide that casserole right in as soon as you walk through the door. LG even has ovens that allow you to send basic information about a recipe to the oven — things like cooking time and oven temp — so the oven can handle that part of the process all on its own.

Smart ovens also allow you to check the cooking status as you go. Cooking management apps keep your cooking more precise to help you avoid burning food. And smart self-cleaning features make that dreaded chore more manageable.

And how about helping you maintain your weight? Yep, smart ovens can help with that. The Samsung Smart Oven can tell you how many calories are in your meal.

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Smart Freezers

You don’t need to stop by the store to pick up a bag of ice before your party. You can make a fresh batch with a touch of the button — from wherever you are.

Smart Refrigerators

smart fridgePixabay

You’re at the store, and you honestly can’t remember if you have enough milk to get you through the week or you don’t remember seeing your teenager grab a handful of yogurts on his way out the door. Cameras accessible by your smartphone can help you quickly see if you’re running low on milk, yogurt, or the secret stash of chocolate you hope nobody knows about.

It’s hard to keep on top of fresh food, so instead of doing the sniff test, just scan the barcode of the items in your fridge to get an alert when they’re beginning to go bad.

Your phone can alert you when it’s time to replace a filter in the refrigerator, and it can also troubleshoot any problems you’re having so you can know if you’re dealing with an easy fix, or if your situation calls for the professionals. You can even get alerts if the refrigerator door has been left open.

Save energy by pre-setting your smart refrigerator to run on power-saving mode if nobody is going to be home for a while.

How about an LCD display on the refrigerator that allows for smart TV playback, calendars, memos, internet radio, and more? Spending time in the kitchen has never been more fun.

Smart Dishwashers


Download customized cycles for your dishwasher… because why not?

An app can alert you if your wash cycle didn’t go as it should have. You can even be alerted when the cycle is complete. The performance will be monitored, and you can be alerted if there are any leaks in the dishwasher, as well as if your rinse agent is running low.

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Smart Cookware and More

A smart frying pan? Sure! The Pantelligent comes with a free app that gives directions on your recipes, as well as real-time temperature feedback.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled SmartPlate will keep track of all your meals, connecting to MyFitnessPal and FitBit. It will also alert you if you’re giving yourself more food than you should. Pair it with a smart fork that monitors and tracks your eating habits that buzzes at you if you’re eating too fast!

Using LED lights and the companion app, this egg tray will alert you when your eggs are about to go bad. At the store, you can’t remember if you’re running out of eggs? The app will tell you how many you have left.

Get your coffee started from anywhere at any time with a coffeemaker managed by your smartphone or tablet. You can make up to 12 cups at once.

The Future Is Here. OK, so we don’t have robots to do our cooking and cleaning yet, but these latest trends in kitchen technology are getting us pretty close. It’s a guarantee that options for smart technology in the kitchen will only continue to expand.

Latest Kitchen Trends in Technology: The Future is Now was last modified: June 26th, 2019 by New Life Bath&Kitchen

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