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Kukun, the data-driven home improvement platform that empowers users to make informed decisions on remodeling projects, adds a veteran in FinTech and real estate to its executive team. Bill Walker is now Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Kukun. 

As Chief Operating Officer, Bill Walker will be responsible for the consumer business, including direct response channels, user experience, consumer/industry partnerships, growth marketing, brand, and communications. Bill brings over 20 years of financial services, consumer marketing, and operations experience to Kukun, fifteen of which were also in the real estate industry. Most recently he was the Chief Revenue Officer at Unison where his team grew customer acquisition by 100x and crafted Unison’s customer experience, consumer acquisition and core assets. Previously, Bill served as Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Prosper Marketplace growing the business by over 40x in 3 years, and he has also held executive positions at Barclaycard and MBNA.

“As a homeowner and real estate investor, I am excited to join Kukun because of the team’s dedication to providing homeowners with unbiased calculators for estimating/completing home improvement projects, maintaining their homes, project finance, and insurance and keeping track of all of the important information about their home,” said Bill Walker, Chief Operating Officer. 

Walker recently joined the company but today is Kukun’s official announcement.

“I am looking forward to the future of Kukun with Bill Walker as our Chief Operating Officer, “ said Raf Howery, CEO, and founder of Kukun. “We will work together to continue to make the home renovation process as seamless as possible from start to finish for everyone from homebuyers, fix and flippers, realtors, and homeowners looking to upgrade their homes.”

Kukun, the Leading Data-Driven Home Improvement Platform Appoints Bill Walker as COO was last modified: December 7th, 2020 by Kukun staff

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