The concept of Carfax began with the purchase of used vehicles. A CARFAX® report provides a potential car buyer with the vehicle’s ownership, title, and accident history before they buy it. 

Importantly, it solves the essential problem of knowing the most important details that are often hidden when buying a car, as when cars are in bad accidents, their value goes down considerably. Before Carfax, unsuspecting buyers regularly paid far too much for many cars.

Is there something like Carfax for houses in the U.S?

Fortunately, yes. Like CarFax, you can get the most complete analysis of a property available with Kukun’s iHomeReport

The goal of Kukun iHomeReport™ is to provide home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents, and insurance providers with critical information about the physical health of a home. 

The idea is to avoid any potential for hidden high-cost problems but also provides the most essential home history, investment opportunity, and community information needed to make a confident and fully informed purchase decision. 

With the iHomeReport, many people even buy their homes sight-unseen – a practice becoming known as “iBuying.”

Benefits of Kukun iHomeReport™

ihome is carfax for houses

The iHomeReport solves the three most essential questions in home buying: 

  1. What is the real condition of a home? Many houses have had shoddy additions or unpermitted electrical work that can significantly lower the true value of a home. The iHomeReport provides the most comprehensive history available of the permitted work done on a house – protecting you from a very bad outcome. 
  2. What is the financial upside of this house? Every home will appreciate at a different rate than others, and all homes have different levels of opportunity to profit from renovation. Kukun provides the investment opportunity insights to make it easy to make a smart, informed decision that meets your goals. 
  3. How is the location of this home going to impact my lifestyle? The iHomeReport provides a range of highly curated maps that instantly give you a feeling for how this home fits into the community: Schools, hospitals, shopping, parks, sports…so many ways. You could spend a few hours searching Google to sort this out, but why? 

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or are into flipping houses, with iHomeReport™, you can easily optimize your outcome whether you are thinking of buying or selling. 

It makes the home buying process a lot easier and informational — even when you have a reliable home inspector. including community safety information and maps (The Washington Post talks a bit more about this subject).

As a result, homebuyers can make a more informed decision about what may be the biggest investment of their lives — real estate.

So, get your report today and get a complete picture of the past, present, and future of your home!    

How the Kukun iHomeReport™ is the perfect Carfax for homes was last modified: October 8th, 2021 by Raf Howery
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The tool described sounds great, too bad there was no one about 10 years before, it would have saved me from a bad purchase