The best tool to clean your pool is a pool cleaner as it’s the most efficient way to clean a pool. There are different types of automatic pool cleaners to choose from.

Suction Cleaner

Basically, the cleaners work on suction as they scrub the floor and then suck the dirt. Suction cleaners have their benefits as they cost less and have less moving parts. They are easy to maintain but have difficulty in optimal cleaning. They also put a lot of pressure on the filters.

Pressure Cleaner

The cleaner is propelled by the pressure side line but there is an additional booster pump required to run the pump. Though the cost is low and it is easier to maintain, it requires the pool pump to run.

Robotic Cleaner

It is without a doubt that robotics is the best of the three. Though it may come at a cost it’s by far the best and the most efficient option. They use suction rather than use water pressure to clean the dirt at the bottom of the pool.

Top five Pool cleaners in the market

2017 Dolphin Premier Robotic Cleaner

dolphin pool cleaner

It is designed specifically to not compromise in anything May it be power or efficiency. This one has all the latest technology and features that are currently available. It is one of the best energy efficient pool cleaners available. Its mart navigation technology makes sure it covers the whole pool as the processors scan the pool and then maps it so that the cleaning is as efficient as possible. Therefore, it does not leave behind any path that is not cleaned. The new grip rubber tracks make sure that it has the traction need to properly grip the wall and clean the wall completely unlike other cleaners which use tires. The cable also has a system that allows it to not get tangled when it is cleaning. The only downside is it’s a higher price.

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic

robotic pool cleaner

It’s a sport in-ground robotic pool cleaner it’s a sporty looking compact robotic cleaner. It cleans all types of the pool including fiberglass. The four-wheel drive gives it an extra boost over areas and the specially designed Aqua Trax tires help it move over any surface. Equipped with rear water propulsion system this cleaner can move into different difficult areas and the improved suction power system can suck in larger debris without any problem. The sensors in Polaris makes sure it does not go to the same spot twice which reduces the operation time. With just a push of the button, the cleaner crawls up the wall.  It also has a programmable timer which can be set according to your convenience and it will start cleaning according to the schedule.

Dolphin Escape

pool cleaning machine

It’s an above ground pool cleaner which is one of the least expensive variants in the robotic pool cleaning section made by mate Ronix, the world leader in robotic pool cleaners. This is quite affordable and it has many advanced features like has a hyper brush for scrubbing and also used advanced filtration technology to filter out the dirt. It also has a scanning system and rubber tracks so that it can properly clean all of the pool thoroughly.

After it is put in the pool it scans and maps the pool using is scanning system. Using the scanner it covers all of the pool areas and using the mapping system it avoids returning to areas it has already cleaned, therefore saving a lot of cleaning time.

Zodiac Baracuda G3

pool maintenance

It has Quarton suction cleaner with water flow regulators to maintain optimal performance. This particular tool has many different speed pumps. It can easily be used to clean tight corners because of the wheel deflectors.

Hayward Pool Cleaner

best pool cleaner

There are a two-wheel and a four variant of this model and uses the pool’s pump and filter as the power source. It has an improved suction system that works on any uneven surface using the adjusting turbine vanes. The tires are designed for better climbing and the programmed steering add to better navigation.


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