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The living room is the most varied and flexible of all the rooms in the house when it comes to lighting. Being a multipurpose space, the types of lighting to be placed, requires careful thinking. 

As a basic rule the living room requires a soft general light, either warm or neutral. This light serves as the background to start planning other types of lighting.

We can add some accent lighting with additional lamps on couches and other places of interest, which serves both to define uses (reading, activities, games, etc.) and to give warmth to the atmosphere. It is advisable to install more than one lamp in different areas.

Once these two types of lighting (general and punctual) are defined we can take the time to think if we are to illuminate a particular object, a table, a column, etc. It is in the living room where we can use more aesthetic resources in the placement of artificial lights, by means of arranging decorative and environmental lighting.

Note that a decoration in light colors supports all types of lights without problem. Instead, dark colors require better planning of the light sources.

 The general light will not necessarily be given by the traditional central pendant lamp; a hanging lamp can be placed off the center or around the perimeter, if desired.

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For reading areas, choice a concentrated light that doesn’t dazzle and that allows its adjustments of height and angle. A floor lamp beside the chair or a table lamp are the ideal lights for this area.

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