Are you thinking of building a new patio as a home addition? Or renovating your old patio that’s falling apart? Whatever your reason is, patio financing can get you the patio you’ve always dreamt of. 

Outdoor living space in the form of either a deck or a patio is an increasingly popular home improvement. A homeowner’s choice between adding a deck or patio will involve considerations such as the property (is it flat or sloped, for example), desired features (a fire pit might be more readily included in a patio), DIY expertise, and the availability of deck and patio financing.

What adds more value to a home, a deck, or patio? 

Decks and patios can both be expected to add value to a home with the return on investment being more heavily impacted by how well the project blends into the overall landscape, the quality of the home improvement project, and the amenities/features it offers. These could include a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, seating, lighting, shade, etc. 

The better your patio uses the natural elements of the existing landscape, the more features it has, and the better the overall quality of the project — the more value will your patio add to your property.  

Deck and patio financing — and even patio cover financing — can help ensure that there are enough funds available to complete a project that will offer the homeowner the most enjoyable/usable space. You can then go ahead and complete the home remodeling in a manner that can be expected to last for decades.

How much does it cost to build a patio? 

A patio or deck addition can run from just a few dollars per square foot to upwards of $30 per square foot depending upon materials used (pavers vs concrete/wood vs composite) and the patio features.  

These factors coupled with the overall size of the project to create a range of costs from $5k to $200k

Working closely with a landscaper will ensure that the homeowner knows ahead of time what will be included, the materials used, and the probable timelines. And, even help them plan for the patio or deck financing options.

Checking out a site like can then show a homeowner the available financing options at no cost or any obligation and with no impact on their credit score.

Finance concrete patios & more 

Concrete patios — a popular and cost-effective option — can run from about $5 per square foot to $15 per square foot depending upon your location, the patio finish (stained, stamped, and other decorative elements), drainage, landscaping, and other project considerations.

A local hardscaping or landscaping contractor will be able to help you with these project considerations, the anticipated costs, and the project completion timelines.

Once a patio financing budget is finalized Kukun can help you with the best loans to finance concrete patios or any other type of patio construction.

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Is a patio worth the investment? 

Adding a patio, deck or other outdoor living space is an investment in the family home that can bring years of enjoyment along with a positive return in the form of a higher home value.

Whether it is “worth it” is, of course, a uniquely personal decision for each family and is an increasingly popular amenity on the home buyers’ wish list.

To maximize this investment, consideration should be given to quality and utility along with adding features that make your patio usable for as much of the year as possible and enabling it to blend into the surrounding landscape as seamlessly as possible.

Can you finance a patio?

In short, yes, patio financing is a smart decision. And, it’s readily available. There are a number of patio financing companies that can provide financing not just for patios and decks but for a wide variety of home maintenance or home improvement needs.

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What are the different financing options for a patio?

Patios, patio covers, decks, and other related home projects can be paid for out of savings. However, these are often large expenditures that a homeowner is not prepared to pay with cash out of pocket. The best option is to seek patio financing through reliable loan lenders, banks, or credit unions.

Patio financing options can include “unsecured” personal loans (no lien on the property), “secured” home equity loans, a home equity line of credit (typically involves putting a lien on the home), or using one’s credit card or a cash advance.

Kukun can help a homeowner evaluate their options with a fast, free, online tool that — in a matter of minutes — displays the best available options without impacting the homeowner’s credit.

Repayment generally involves fixed payments, at a fixed interest rate, that can be spread out over 3, 5, 7, or even 10 years.

Pros and cons of financing a patio

To finance or not to finance is a personal decision for each family. Having said that, choosing a good patio financing option will help you construct the perfect patio — on schedule and within your budget. And, you get the convenience of paying for it over time through favorable interest rates and monthly payments. Of course, these will be based on your credit score, credit report, and loan approval. 

Plus, the homeowner can use their funds and savings they have for other purposes.

Financing for a deck or patio — or even financing a patio cover — is available from patio financing companies with a variety of repayment durations/interest payments and terms. You just have to select the best financing — with the most favorable payment options, lowest rates, APR as well as terms and conditions.  

The only downside to getting a loan for your patio construction is that you will require discipline to repay the loan amount. Keep in mind that if you default on your loan repayments, it can adversely affect your credit score and credit rating. 

How to apply for patio financing?

So, if you’re thinking about extending your home by adding to your living space, a patio is the perfect solution. It can be the ultimate backyard retreat. The good news is, there are many financing options available to you for building a deck or a patio. 

With Kukun’s easy loan options and simple loan application process, you can make your home addition dreams a reality — in an affordable, manageable manner. Get instant loan approval, with absolutely no hidden fees and penalties. So, go ahead and enjoy a beautiful patio while adding value to your property.

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