In this third part of our articles dedicated to luxury home plans, we will talk about the general aspects of the internal spaces of this single-level luxury home blueprints.

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Housing model:

From the luxury home blueprints we discussed in article 1, we have chosen the number 4 to give you a full design:

  • Housing 1 level.
  • Plot area 8368.94ft².
  • Construction 4400.07ft².
  • 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.
  • Open-concept living room, kitchen, and dining room. Backyard with pool, barbecue, and entertainment for parties. Foyer.

Continuing with the modern design that was proposed for this house, an industrial and minimalist style was used. With wide spaces, connected, open and fluid, with high ceilings of 9.84ft., focused on hosting a large number of guests for meetings, with integrated circulations in the social space. On the other hand a transition space to more private activities.


One of the general aspects of the decoration in luxury home blueprints is that of the internal walls of white color, highlighting in each space a palette, with neutral colors that are maintained in most of its materials, common, but with objects that show other singularities such as furniture, a focal point wall, or the incorporation of objects that stand out for their color, pattern or texture.

Type of furniture

Furniture with avant-garde, elegant and multifunctional lines, which also make clear its use, and the order to be maintained within the design. Built-in elements for space utilization and storage.

Different ways of using the openings, to take advantage of the maximum natural lighting. Windows and glazed doors to the outside. Wooden doors to the interior, respect the privacy of the different rooms. Skylights, so that the lighting reaches spaces where it is not possible by facade, and also to generate other sensations of perception and comfort.

Distribution of luxury home blueprints

Then, if we read the floor plan distribution, we can notice in the upper area and to the right, that the social area develops together with the outdoor recreation and entertainment area, and is connected by an “L” shaped corridor, at the end of the open concept area, where a filter is created between the private and social space, and that is where the guest bathroom is located, which would be used by people in the social area, and from the outdoor area, through a door that connects that corridor.

There is a two-access patio, with other access in the middle of the open concept, specifically in front of the dining room in the center of the two terrace levels.

After passing through the filter access corridor to the private space, you’ll see the master bedroom at the back, and from there perpendicularly two bedrooms (for children and visitors), the family spa bathroom, and at the back the laundry room, which together with the terraces of each room, form an “L”, which constitute the intimate or private space.


In the following view, we can see the interior from the left side façade uncovering its walls, where we can observe the access and how its spaces are connected. It is a fluid and continuous space with very open circulations due to its amplitude, especially in the social areas of the living room, kitchen, dining room, and play area.

Open concept

At the back of the open concept, we see the filter hallway, and between the kitchen and dining room the communication with the terraces to the left. On both levels, we see the pool area and the outdoor dining area in the foreground.


We can also see the roofs, pergolas, and voids, as they create a differentiated space, and are sheltered from each of the activities that take place there.

Laundry room

On the access side to the right, we see part of the laundry room, with its front door, which is the door at the end of this private corridor. Next to this, is the children’s room, and the next is the private terrace of the room.

Interior floor

It can be seen that the interior floors are maintained throughout the entire floor except for the bathrooms and that the wood tones in furniture are used throughout, both internally and externally in 4 tones.

Luxury plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez
Plans home design
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Social Area

From this point, you can see a cut view from the private hallway to the social area, from left to right, the access to the house from the outside. Inside, the laundry room, the door at the end of the hallway, the kitchen with its side walls, with a view from the island to the dining room, also the play area, and further to the back patio.


A pantry area is illuminated by a skylight in the ceiling, and the hallway appears at the end of which a door frame can be seen, where the space of the bedrooms is deprived. Behind the pantry is the hallway at the back of the previous view. Finally, the dressing room of the master bedroom also has a skylight for natural lighting. 


In this view, we can see more variety in the personality of the more private rooms and their activities. The blue laundry room gives character to the design, in contrast to the rest of the elements. The kitchen and the pantry, maintain the materials and balance of the tones with those of the open concept.

The moldings, doors, and walls balance the rest with their neutral colors, and white also enlivens the lighting, along with touches to give a more elegant and functional sense to the furniture with artificial led lights.

Dressing rooms

This luxury home dressing room is an image of elegance, with everything visible and at hand. All areas with well-marked circulations. The pantry expands the storage, and covers everything that is not necessary to have in sight.

luxury home design plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Another view advancing to the front of the previous cut, just removing the access walls, the pantry, the kitchen, and the dressing room. We find the open concept from the foyer, with the storage area, entertainment area with living room fireplace, dining room, and games area.

Adding the non-visible area of the kitchen, it has a capacity of 28 to 30 people.  At the back of the dining room, you can see the patio with its axis of circulation to the terraces, and from the windows, you can see the pergolas and planters, which also let you see through them to the back.

Grill area

Here we see how from the open concept we can go to the filter corridor and from the thinner door at the back to the grill area, and maintain the visuals with the glass doors. The gray closed door is the guest bathroom. Then you see the master bedroom bathroom, the laundry area has a skylight, and then there is another in the toilet room.

Palette of luxury home blueprints

In the open concept, the neutral palette of the kitchen is maintained and turquoise and black are incorporated to highlight the room, while in the more private bathroom the walls of the sanitary parts, such as the shower, toilet, and washroom, display a salmon color and the furniture and sanitary parts in medium and dark gray. Metals and faucets in black, to maintain simplicity and minimalist style.


Elements of LED lights in furniture and wall profiles, give an intimate look to the bathrooms.

Luxury home design plans facade
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

On the side of the main facade towards the rooms, removing the enclosure of the pergolas, we see the terraces, only with its division of side walls, to differentiate each one, and how they access each room.

  • The one on the left is the children’s room, separated by a wall for the terrace from the visitors’ room.
  • The side walls are openwork with a two colored design, to allow access to air and filtered light in conjunction with the pergolas.
  • Then a garden void with a stone facade, and finally the terrace of the main room. Each of the furnishings fits the design and decoration of the bedrooms.
  • The glass doors, like the windows, help to keep the spaces well-lit.
  • The pergolas are the ones that make the space more private, as they cannot be accessed from the outside.

Artificial lighting is provided by sconces with double light, while natural lighting is from the exterior to the terrace and through the openings in the facade.

Facade and terrace luxury home plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

This view is obtained by opening the walls of the main facade section, after the terraces. The variations in the character of each room can be seen.

Child’s room palette

The children’s room on the left, with red, and predominantly black. Dark woods and reddish tones, with a cityscape theme with nature. Lighting combined.

Guest room palette

Then the guest room with green palette in various shades, and light wood, with gray and white neutralizing tones.  A large chandelier, but the lighting is given by a set of several devices.

Family and secondary palette

Family spa bath, which serves privately for the two secondary bedrooms or the entire family. The palette is classic and elegant, black white, and gray, with light and medium woods. White is predominant in the bathroom fixtures and walls, with tile and paint. The floor is black and has some punctual touches. In this view first, some benches inside a space with wooden walls and glazed doors display the sauna area. Then the shower area, followed by a step where the bathtub is, separated from the space at the back of the access, by glazed doors, and behind the wall is the laundry room.

Master bedroom palette

At the end is the master bedroom with the profiling bed and at the back is the access door to the dressing room. To the right a built-in entertainment cabinet, desk, make-up area, and library shelf with storage.

Illumination plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

On the right side facade towards the house without the walls, you see the master bedroom, with each of its areas, terrace, bedroom, dressing room, and private bathroom. Then the first terrace level with the outdoor kitchen area, and then the sunbathing area of the pool.


In this luxury home blueprint, the terrace is semi-open by the pergolas and side walls, with chairs and tables and space to decorate with plants.


The bedroom has ample space for each of its activities, occupying the entire facade of the interior on this side. The bedroom with beige furniture, medium-tone woods, textiles, salmon brown, and Bordeaux. The wall of the headboard with pink wallpaper, an abstract pattern. Gray moldings and doors, are maintained throughout the house.

Dressing room

The following is the dressing room. Where the furniture is brown and in the form of a “U” on the perimeter of 2 closets, resulting from the circulation of access from the bedroom to the bathroom, generating two spaces.

Bathroom palette

In the bathroom, the mirror and the laundry area are shown in the background. A toilet room on the left, the circulation between the access to the shower and the toilet room. The shower is in conjunction with the bathtub, with a double shower head. On each side wall.

On the outside, an external kitchen with a cooking area, wash and bar in the form of a peninsula. Further to the back, there is a fire pit and dining area.  On the next level, there is a sunbathing area in front of the back pool.

illumination plans of luxury home
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

On the opposite side, from the private hallway to the interior of the house, we see the guest bathroom on the left, first the WC room, at the back the shower, and then the washing.

It keeps the tiles and the white color of the paint on the walls, in the rest of the back walls a niche is highlighted with lighting and tiles of another color (turquoise, blue, and pink). Here you can identify each sector. You can also check the skylight in the WC area and in the shower area.

Main bathroom

In the background, the shower and the window illuminate the corridor between access to the shower and WC. The access locates on the wash of the wall, with a skylight for natural lighting.

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Dressing room

From the other front, it reads in a similar manner. The opposite side IS “U” shaped, with two skylights, one in each central space light embedded in the ceiling, directed to the perimeter of the wall to give more light and highlight the closet cabinet.

The bedroom, with multifunctional furniture in the background. Displays an entertainment section, desk, and bookshelf, with open storage. Black marble top and back wall of the desk, to contrast with the two tons of wood, panel, shelves, beige chairs, and cabinets.

We hope you liked this luxury home blueprint. It is a timeless and modern proposal that our article provided.

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