If you are looking for luxury home plans with fluid spaces for gatherings and entertaining at home, we have something for you.

Housing has changed rapidly, so much that there is a preference for maximizing the use of space and square footage. Seeking to balance functionality and multiple uses, and also to achieve greater convenience and comfort.

We also search for the place we live to be friendly to the environment. Even in more luxurious and exclusive residences, some tactics can be applied to do this in the best possible way, greatly increasing the success of housing projects.

Beyond the issue of large square footage and high-end or luxurious furnishings, such as hotel-style rooms with private bathrooms, modern homes with a high design focused more on accessibility than on aesthetics when it comes to entertainment, sharing or gathering, working, studying, or exercising at home. Let’s say for we to engage in more than merely private activities

Essential elements for luxury home plans

One of the essential elements to consider in a luxury home is swimming pools in which large space is required for sunbathing or recreation. Along with them, we find terraces or patios, where various activities can be developed, which help relaxation and entertainment. These also require decoration and care for their maintenance and beautification.

The gym, work areas, cinema, and home bar are also a space that gives added value to the house. Having more activities that do not require leaving the house, such as play areas, entertainment, offices, and workshops, is something that homeowners value highly and benefits the property.

In luxurious homes, comfort, climate, equipment, and well-being, which also offer natural light, spaces, and accessibility to gardens are important to achieve the best of it.

Large windows or skylights help to maximize ventilation and natural lighting, as well as spacious and connected spaces. Eliminating walls and corridors among other common areas is now part of open concept design, which also brings us closer to sharing with more family members or friends.


The contribution of visuals is a great plus, as having large patios, or a good location. The rooms lead to scenarios with possibilities to enjoy sunrises, sunsets, or everything else. All of this gives spaciousness and a sense of well-being to a house so that its owners feel at ease in it.

A non-essential feature that occurs in most luxury homes is quite large spaces, multilevel, so the stairs also contain designs in which they are noticed in a big way, in addition to being located in spaces where they are very visible.

Another vision that is also not a standard, but highly recommended, not only in luxurious spaces but also to optimize the use of square meters and multifunction, is custom furniture.

It is the case of kitchen cabinets, cupboards, islands, bars, closets, dressing rooms, desks, storage, and even dining room seats, beds, and furniture sets to simplify the design in fewer circulation spaces or maximize storage areas in built-in furniture from floor to ceiling.

If there are large spaces, it is also necessary to include stylish decorative art pieces and excellent materials that will last over time.

Styles of luxury homes

Luxury home plans focus both on the interior and exterior are very varied. From the traditional with a lot of character that goes towards the classic, and sophisticated, and the most modern styles that go towards the minimalist, industrial, avant-garde, or Scandinavian. You can consider them all as long as you take into account the use and personalized designs, embracing the functionality of our days.

The living and dining rooms are spacious. With a great capacity for family and friends, generally open concept, or for a second living room and formal dining room. Kitchens integrated into other spaces or with at least an island or peninsula for informal dining. Some bar or entertainment areas in the living rooms.

Spa bathrooms, or with divisions to expand their use and make a great restorative experience and relaxation, not only hygiene but to feel like being in a Spa, because they can also have a sauna, whirlpool tub, hydrotherapy showers, rain, or steam. With luxury stone and marble cladding, and with visuals of enclosed patios for contemplation and comfort.

luxury plans for home
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez


Especially the master bedroom, can have a large shared dressing room, or be divided for each user. A make-up area, a private bathroom, and terraces or balconies, with views to the patios or contexts, oriented to a separate resting experience. Secondary or other guest rooms on another floor or another wing of the house will offer greater security or privacy between them.

Laundry rooms, close to the bedrooms, help to respect the privacy of the users, allow the service areas of the house to be out of sight, and make it easier to carry loads of laundry around and then to the closets. Also the access or secondary vestibules of garages, in a less visible and more organized way. Within this, also enter the rooms and cupboards furniture, which help to keep the service spaces more orderly.

This publication shows 5 Luxury home plans. Focusing on open-concept flowing spaces for entertaining and gathering family and friends, as well as main and secondary rooms with various uses for hosting guests.

big luxury home plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Luxury home plans – Model 1.

Housing 2 Levels. Plot area 6674.97ft². Construction: 4878.88ft². 5 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms. Living room, kitchen, and dining room open concept, flexible space, backyard with pool, barbecue, and entertainment for parties, garage for 3 cars roofed and parking for 3 visitors. 2 vestibules.

Outdoor area and green areas

  • Front yard area: Varied dimensions.
  • Area 1614.21ft² between green areas and accesses.
  • Backyard area: Varied dimensions. Area 2911.20ft².
  • Swimming pool: 14.11ft x 69.10ft, and 4.92ft deep with two levels to sit in it. Area 297.15ft².
  • Sunbathing area: with capacity for 8 people in furniture of sofas and lounge chairs 14.11ft x 25.36ft. Area 357.78ft².
  • Barbecue and Fire Pit. Dimensions 13.29ft x 22.97ft. Area 305.16ft².
  • Outdoor dining area (12.96ft x 10.27ft), and fire pit seating (8.37f x 7.45ft) built into the perimeter planters of the slopes, with seating for 11 people. Fire pit (2.36ft x 3.67ft)
  • Patio bathroom. 18.21ft x 5.74ft. Area 105.25ft². Divided into several spaces for various users with storage in the access (2.95ft x 1.97ft, Double laundry area (5.91ft x 1.97ft), WC area (3.61ft x 4.92ft), Double shower (4.92ft x 4.92ft).

Main Level

  • Covered garage
  • walk-in closet, open concept,
  • 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms.
  • Varied dimensions. Location 2142.96ft².
  • Covered Garage: Dimensions 52.49f x 12.63ft. Area 621.86ft². Capacity for 3 cars, Storage, and private access vestibule (10.50ft x 1.97ft and 10.99ft x 1.67ft).
  • The main foyer and 1 ⁄ 2 guest bath: Dimensions 14.27ft x 6.23ft. Area 85.87ft². Coat and package access cabinet with seating (6.89ft x 1.97ft), 3-seat capacity, and vertical and overhead closet. Guest bathroom Dimensions 6.23ft x 2.95ft, with wash basin (2.62ft x 1.31ft) and WC.

Bedrooms and guest bathroom:

  • 2 bedrooms with shared bathroom 31.82ft x 12.63ft. Area 404.05ft².
  • Both rooms are similar with a variation of dimension in the closet storage area (one 14.44ft long and the other 13.45ft with 1.97ft deep). 10.50ft on the short side where the bed rest (king size with tables on the sides 1.97ft x 1.48ft), and 12.63ft on the window side.
  • The closet has a 5.25ft intermediate area for desks and shelves, with an opening in the wall for appliances and screens or TVs, otherwise storage. The room on the left has sliding doors to the backyard, while the other has a window to the front yard.

Bathroom 3/4: Dimensions 9.84ft x 6.89ft. Arranged to be used by several users with the divided WC (2.95ft x 4.27ft). Shower 2.95ft x 4.27ft. Washing 3.28ft x 1.64ft.

Open concept

Dimensions 31.81ft x 22.31ft. Area 709.58ft². Seating for 30 people, distributed in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and multipurpose area. Folding doors to access the terrace of 6.56ft, so that the space is connected to the outside.

Dining room

Seating on one side recesses into the storage furniture. Dimensions 14.44ft x 10.73ft. Area 47.18ft². Seating for 10 people. Table 6.89ft x 3.28ft.

  • U-shaped kitchen with island: Dimensions 20.34ft x 11.42ft. Area 232.24ft². Perimeter cabinet layout (1.97ft). Stove (3.94ft x 1.67ft with 7 rotisseries). Island with sink (9.84ft x 4.92ft) with seating for 5. Two storage areas to the side of the island for the pantry, ovens, and floor-to-ceiling refrigerator (4.92ft x 1.97ft each). In one corner the access from the garage.
  • Living room with fireplace: 13.45f x 11.32ft. Area 152.26ft². Fireplace (3.61ft x 2.30ft) with built-in storage on each side (4.92ft x 1.97ft), downstairs for storage (up to 3.28ft), and raised on shelves (5.24ft onwards to where the ceiling is raised). Seats 7 on two sofas and 2 chairs. Center table (4.53ft x 2.95ft.)
  • Multi-purpose area: Built-in study furniture (8.20ft x 1.97ft) with 3 seats. Sofa Bed (unfolded queen-size), for additional visitor area, with 2 side tables and 2 seats. Can also use as a children’s play area. Seating for 8 people.

Upper level

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and laundry. Varied dimensions. Area 1332.33ft².

Master bedroom

  • Bedroom with home office, spa bath, dressing room, and terrace. Varied dimensions Area: 472.96ft². Sliding door to the balcony of 6.56ft.
  • Bedroom area: Varied dimensions. Area 14156.37ft². Bed (king size with two long tables on each side built into the headboard of the bed occupying the length of the wall (14.11ft), with a desk on the right side in an “L” shape (4.59ft x 4.92f and a depth of 1.64ft,), the one on the left side shorter (2.95ft x 1.31ft). The wall in front of the bed (12.80ft) supports a storage chest (6.56ft x 0.98ft.).


Dimensions 4.92ft x 20.83ft. Area: 102.53ft with two armchairs and a table and a lounge chair to enjoy the view of the patio, along with plants.

Dressing Room

L” shaped. Dimensions 11.65ft x 7.22ft. Area 91.83ft². Storage with perimeter sides with a depth of 1.97ft. Make-up furniture (3.94ft x 1.64ft), with access to the bathroom.

Spa Bathroom

Dimension 10.01ft x 10.43ft. Area 2318.42ft². Functions are separated for more convenient use by users. 2 separate washrooms on each side of the access (3.61ft x 1.64ft) along with “T” shaped circulation. Aligned to the back we find two spaces with 3 pieces. The shower along with the bathtub, separated by a step, saves circulation space and access (5.0ft x 6.82ft). The private toilet area is 5.09ft x .3.28ft.

Rooms for children or teenagers with shared full bat

Dimension 36.91f x 12.63ft. Area 466.21ft². the first for three beds and the second for two. Like the main floor rooms, they vary along the low wall, and the bathroom is accessed from the shared hallway, and only one has a terrace.

Bedroom 3 beds

Varies in size. Area 150.69ft². It has 2 beds of 6.23ft x 3.61ft recessed to the wall with a continuous U” shaped headboard, placed in “L”, with a low extra bed of 2.95ft x 5.91ft. Built-in closet and desk (entertainment), with a length of 14.436ft x 1.61ft, divided into 7.87ft closet and the rest desk, with 2 chairs and 2 puff seats, for play area on the floor.


Dimension 4.92ft x 13.45ft. Area 66.20ft². Two chairs with a table and plants, overlooking the backyard.

Bedroom 2 beds

Varied size. Area 144.86ft². 2 beds (6.89ft x 3.28ft), attached to the wall, on each side of the upper wall, with a central chest of drawers between the two. Closet and desk furniture is similar to the other room but divided to 6.73ft each use with 2 chairs and 2 puffers and a larger play area on the floor.

Shared full bathroom

Dimension 9.84ft x 7.71ft. Area 75.86ft². Upon access, it has a linear and central circulation that divides the activities into two sides. To the left the bathtub (4.43ft x 3.28ft), and shower are separated by a half wall and glass (3.28ft x 2.95ft). To the right double wash basin (4.40ft x 1.80ft), and WC 2.95ft x 3.28ft, are separated by a wall.

Laundry room

Dimension 4.76ft x 8.20ft. Area 39.02ft². With built-in storage furniture for clothes, equipment, and sink, “L” shaped 6.23ft x 2.79ft with a depth of 1.97ft and raised shelves with 0.98ft depth.

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blueprint for luxury home
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Luxury home plans – Model 2.

1-level house. Plot area 5313.28146ft². Construction 3175.35ft².

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Spa. Living room, kitchen, and dining room open concept, backyard with pool, barbecue, and entertainment for parties and lobby.

The outside area and green areas.

  • Front yard: Varied size. Area 1187.53ft² between garden and access.
  • Backyard: Dimension 74.80ft x 7.80ft. Area 1914.25ft². The capacity of 18 seats.
  • Infinity pool: 19.03ft x 12.46ft, Area 237.24ft².
  • Sunbathing area: Dimension 15.01ft x 14.44ft. Area 216.68ft². with a seating capacity of 6 in 1 sofa of 3 and 3 armchairs.
  • Linear grill with island: 14.44ft long with a grill 3.94ft x 1.97ft, and wash (7.55ft x 1.57ft) Bar island (2.65ft x 6.56ft) with 5 seats.
  • Fire pit: Dimension 10.50ft x 14.44ft, Area 151.56ft² with built-in seating in 4-seater planters and three 1-seater sofas. Fire Pit (4.59ft x 2.95ft)

Main Level

With measurements of 58.40ft x 37.24ft. Area 1441.61ft².

Vestibule: Dimensions 6.89ft x 11.14ft. Area 79.86ft². Walk-in Closet with Coat and Shoe Closet (7.38ft x 1.97ft).

Open-concept Living Room Kitchen Dining Room

  • Varied dimensions, “L” shaped. 79.3579ft² Area. Seats 24.
  • Living Room. Varied dimensions. Area 322.87ft. Built-in cabinet 13.62ft long, with fireplace (4.54f x 2.30ft), storage, and shelves on each side 4.54ft. Sofas (2 4-seater, 1 2-seater, and 2 single chairs) Seats 12.
  • Dining room. Dimensions 14.76ft x 16.40ft, Area of 242.19ft² with fixed storage furniture (16.08ft x 1.97f divided in 3, equally divided), in the center with bar tables and on each side storage and shelves. Dining table with seating for 8 (4.27ft x 8.53ft).
  • L-shaped kitchen with island. Dimension 14.76ft x 16.40ft. Area 242.19ft². The perimeter of the cabinets is 1.97ft deep. Stove with 7 burners (3.94ft long), 2 cabinets of 4.92ft on each side of the “L”, for storage of equipment, ovens, and refrigerator. Island with 4 seats (8.69ft x 4.92ft). Laundry (2.62ft x 1.64ft). Folding doors to 13.12ft. patio.
  • U-shaped pantry. With measurements of 6.73ft x 6.89ft. Area 46.34ft².

Family and guest spa bathroom

Dimension 8.69ft x 13.88ft. Area 120.69ft². Double wash basin (1.97ft x 5.25f) on the left side and toilet room on the right (3.28ft x 5.25ft). To the rear double shower room 28.69ft x 3.94ft, with bath to the front and access to the sides (4.76ft x 2.79ft).

Private area

3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and laundry. 875.03ft².

Master bedroom

  • Dimensions 20.01ft x 20.34ft. Area 360.56ft².
  • Bedroom Dimensions 11.48ft x 20.34ft. Area 216.512ft². King-size bed with side tables (1.48ft x 0.82ft). Front closet 13.12ft x 1.97ft, with central area 3.28ft wide with shelves and table for entertainment devices. 2 chairs for a sitting or reading area. Sliding doors lead to the back patio in front of the pool (6.23ft).
  • Master Spa Bathroom: Dimensions 8.20ft x 16.08ft. Area 131.86ft². Double wash (5.25ft x 1.97f), Toilet Room 3.78ft x 4.10ft. Double shower and bath 8.20ft x 5.91ft divided by a step.

Guest Room

Dimension 10.17ft x 15.59ft. Area 158.50ft². King-size bed with night tables on each side (1.48ft x 1.97ft). Closet (6.56ft x 1.97ft), dresser, and bookshelf (9.84ft x 0.98ft, divided with 6.56ft in front of the bed for TV and food and 3.28ft in the back for books). Two chairs at the back.

Children’s or teenager’s room 4 beds

Dimension 13.12ft x 15.58ft. Area 204.51ft². 3 beds were built into the headboard (3.28ft x 6.56ft) in a “U” shape (attached to each side and back wall), with 1 extra low bed in the center. Built-in closet and desk in “L” shape (9.19ft x 27.05ft, depth 1.97ft),. 3-seater sofa (4.92ft x 1.64ft).

Laundry room

Dimension 6.56ft x 8.69ft. Area 57.049ft². With built-in storage furniture for laundry, equipment, and sink, “L” shaped 4.59ft on one side for equipment and the other side 6.73ft for laundry and storage with a depth of 1.97ft and raised shelves 0.98ft deep. Illuminated by skylight ceiling.

A increidible luxury home plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Luxury home plans – Model 3.

  • 1-level house. Plot area 4549.098ft². Construction 2714.17ft².
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Spa. Living room, kitchen, and dining room open concept, backyard with pool, barbecue, and entertainment for parties and lobby.

The outside area and green areas.

  • Front yard: Varied size. Area 1066.29ft² between garden and access.
  • Backyard: Varied dimensions. Area 1654.57ft². The capacity of 16 seats.
  • Infinity pool: 15.42ft x 13.78ft, Area 212.48ft².
  • -Sunbathing area: Dimension 10.83ft x 11.48ft. Area 123.76ft². with a capacity for 3 lounge chairs.
  • Barbecue “L”: Dimensions 6.73ft x 15.74ft. Area 38.62ft² with one grill (2.62ft x 1.80ft).
  • Outdoor built-in dining room: Dimensions 9.19ft x 12.14ft. Area 111.51ft² Seats 8. Table (3.45ft x 6.40ft).
  • Fire pit: Dimension 10.50ft x 14.44ft, Area 151.56ft² Built-in 4-seat planters, and three 1-seat sofas.

Main Level

Varied Size. Area 1740.73ft².

Foyer: Dimensions 5.98ft x 9.88ft. Area 59.18ft². A built-in cabinet with coat and shoe closet, 3-seater sofa (9.88ft x 1.97ft), divided in half for storage and seating.

Open-concept Living Room Kitchen Dining Room

  • “L” is shaped with varied dimensions. Area 602.78ft². Seats 22. Folding doors to the 9.84ft patio.
  • Living Room: Dimension 12.14f x 17.55ft. Area 213.07ft². Built-in furniture 17.55ft long, with fireplace (4.92ft x 2.62ft), storage, and shelves on the sides (6.07ft and 6.56ft). Sofas (1 4-seater, 2 2-seaters, and two poufs) Seats 10.
  • Dining Room: Dimension 11.48ft x 14.76ft, Area 169.55ft² with one piece of furniture. Dining Table (3.28ft x 7.23ft), with capacity for 8 seats.
  • Linear kitchen with island: Dimension 10.83ft x 17.72ft. Area 191.60ft². The perimeter of the cabinets is 1.97ft deep. 7 burner stove (3.94ft long), recessed in 12.14ft long cabinet, with 4.10ft on each side of cabinets for storage. Additional side cabinet for pantry and storage, ovens, and refrigerator (10.83ft long), divided in half. Island with 4 seats (10.17ft x 3.94ft). Laundry (2.62ft x 1.64ft).

Laundry room

Dimension 5.91ft x 8.78ft. Area 51.83ft². A built-in storage unit for laundry, equipment, and sink, “L” shaped 3.94ft x 6.81ft, with a depth of 1.97ft and raised shelves 0.98ft deep. With a patio for drying and spending a long time in this space Dimension 5.91ft x 8.26ft. Area 48.83ft².

Family and guest spa bathroom

Dimension 8.20ft x 13.94ft. Area 114.37ft². Double sink (1.97ft x 4.68ft), between shower and bathtub. To the rear is the toilet room (4.10ft x 3.28ft), and the double shower (4.92ft x 4.43ft). Opposite the shower is the bathtub (4.92ft x 4.43ft). It functions as a guest bathroom and for the secondary bedrooms.

Private area

Varied dimensions, Area 740.88ft². 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Sliding doors to expand to the terrace.

Master bedroom

  1. Varied dimensions. Area 320.56ft².
  2. Bedroom. Dimensions 9.84ft x 13.91ft Area 95.10ft². King-size bed with side tables (1.48ft x 1.72ft).
  3. Sleeping Area: Dimension 10.17ft x 4.59ft. Area of 4671.54ft². 3-seater sofa (5.74ft x 1.97ft).
  4. U-shaped dressing room: Dimension 7.22ft x 9.35ft. Area 67.48972ft² with a depth of 0.60m (7.38ft x 3.28ft, 4.59ft perimeter).
  5. Master Spa Bathroom: Dimensions vary. Area 104.90ft². Each piece is separate. Double wash (4.76ft x 1.64ft), WC room 4.27ft x 3.28ft. Shower 5.91ft x 13.28ft. Bathtub 7.22ft x 3.45ft.

Guest Room

Dimension 9.84ft x 13.94ft. Area 137.24ft². Bed (5.25ft x 7.22ft) with night tables on each side (1.48ft x 1.48ft), resting on a 3.65m long headboard. Closet (6.40ft x 1.97ft).

Children’s or teenager’s room 2 beds:

Dimension 9.84ft x 13.94ft. Area 137.24ft². 2 beds (3.28ft x 6.23ft) with nightstands on each side (1.48ft x 1.80ft), resting on a headboard 11.98ft long. Closet (6.56ft x 1.67ft). In front of the bed, an 8.69ft long cabinet is divided into two shelves (0.98ft x 2.62ft) on each side of a desk (1.64ft x 3.45ft).

Luxury home plans
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Luxury home plans – Model 4.

  • Housing 1 level. Plot area 78368.94ft². Construction 4400.07ft².
  • 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Open-concept living room, kitchen, and dining room. Backyard with pool, barbecue, and entertainment for parties. Foyer.

Outdoor area and green areas.

  • Front yard: Varied dimensions. Area 2100.17ft² between garden and access.
  • Backyard with 2 levels of the terrace: Dimension 41.99ft x 83.92ft. Area 3525.18ft². The capacity of 26 seats.
  • Pool::16.73ft x 24.77ft, Area 414.46ft².
  • Sunbathing area: Dimension 16.73ft x 12.39ft. Area 207.23ft². Seats 3 armchairs, 1 3-seater sofa, and 2 armchairs. Total 8 seats
  • U” Shaped Barrel: Assorted dimensions, Area 150.75ft². U” shaped furniture, on the side attached to the house is the grill (2.62ft x 1.71ft, in a front of 4.76ft). On the side of the garden 5.25ft with a wash (2.62ft x 1.80ft). Bar (8.85ft with a width of 1.97ft all the furniture. Capacity 4 seats
  • Outdoor dining room: Dimension 11.48ft x 13.81ft. Area 158.61ft². Seats 8. Table (2.95ft x 7.87ft).
  • Fire pit: Dimension 11.48ft x 16.73ft. Area 192.14ft². 1 3-seater sofa, 2 armchairs, and 2 poufs. Seats 7. Fire pit (3.28ft x 5.82ft).

Main Level

  • Varied size. Area 2689.87ft².
  • Open concept Foyer, Living Room, Kitchen, and Dining Room: Varied dimensions. 910.8421ft². Seats 28. Folding doors to 13.12ft patio terrace.
  • Foyer and Living Room: Varied Dimensions. Area 360.85ft7². A built-in cabinet with closet for coats and shoes, (4.27ft x 1.97ft) 2-seater (4.59ft x 1.97ft), and table, (1.64ft x 1.97ft). Fireplace with a bookshelf (9.51ft x 1.97ft) 1 4-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, and 3 armchairs). Seats 10.
  • Dining Room: Dimension 12.80ft x 15.62ft, Area of 199.82ft². Dining Table (3.94ft x 7.87ft), with capacity for 8 seats.

Guest room:

  • Bedroom: Dimension 13.12ft x 11.81ft. Area 155ft². King-size bed with nightstands on each side (1.64ft x 1.48 ft), resting on a 9.84ft long headboard. Closet (6.40ft x 1.97ft). Closet with desk and shelves in the middle (13.12ft long), divided into 4.59ft long side cabinets and 3.84f long desk and shelving area.
  • Terrace: Dimension 6.73ft x 11.98ft. Area 80.54ft². Furnished with 2 armchairs, 2 round chairs, and plants.

Room for children or teenagers 4 beds

  • Bedroom: Dimension 13.12ft x 11.81ft. Area 1.55ft². 2 beds on the sides and 1 in the middle in a “U” shape (13.28ft x 6.40ft). In the bottom bed, underneath is an extra bed that slides out when needed (2.95ft x 6.23ft). Closet (6.56ft x 1.97ft). In front of the bed an 8.69ft long cabinet, divided into two shelves (0.98ft m x 2.62ft) on each side of a desk (1.64ft x 3.45ft).


Dimension 6.73ft x 11.98ft. Area 80.54ft². Furnished with 2 chairs, 1 round table, and plants.

Family Spa Bathroom with Sauna

  • Dimension 13.12ft x 12.14ft. Area 159.31ft². Access to the middle and the laundry and toilet room are on the sides, at the back, bathtub, shower, and sauna are in the back (6.89ft x 12.14ft), accessing through the shower to the other spaces.
  • A double washroom (5.91ft x 1.97ft), WC room 5.91ft x 3.84ft. Bath (6.89ft x 3.94ft) separated by step from Shower (6.89ft m x 3.94ft)
  • Sauna separated by step and doors (6.89ft x 4.27ft), with seating to either side (3.94ft x 1.31ft).
  • Seats 4. This bathroom is for the private use of the secondary bedrooms or the master bedroom.
luxury floor plans type of house
By in-house architect Edna Ramirez

Luxury home plans – Model 5.

1-level house. Plot Area 6504.04ft². Construction Area 3257.78ft².

3 bedrooms with terrace, 2 Spa bathrooms. Living room, open concept kitchen, and dining room, backyard with terrace, barbecue, fireplace, foyer with a home office.

Exterior areas and green areas

  • Front yard: Varied dimensions. Area 2119.20ft² between garden and access.
  • Porch: Dimensions 17.15ft x 13.62ft. Area 233.51ft². Seats 6 on 1 sofa and 4 chairs. Center table (1.67ft x 4.92f ), two round tables. L-shaped planter 11.65ft x 5.98ft with depth 1.97ft.
  • Backyard: Varied size. Area 1804.22ft². Seating capacity 17.
  • Linear Grill: Dimensions 6.56ft x 4.43ft. Area 8.85ft. External kitchen furniture 6.56ft x 1.97ft), with built-in grill (2.62ft x 1.80ft).
  • Fire pit: Varied size. Area 196.95ft². 2 built-in sofas on the perimeter of the 17-seat planters. One 15.92ft long sofa with 8 seats, and one “L” shaped sofa 4.43ft x 11.48ft with 7 seats. 2 poufs. Fire pit (5.91ft x 2.79ft).

Main Level

Varied size. Area 2588.10ft².

Foyer with Home Office: Dimensions 13.12ft x 11.48ft. Area 150.70ft². L-shaped built-in cabinet with coat and shoe closet, desk, and storage shelves (5.91ft x 9.51ft x 1.67ft). Two desk chairs and a lounge chair with a round table.

Open-concept living room, kitchen, dining room, and bar

  • Dimensions 34.78ft x 27.72ft. Area 964.12ft². Seats 29. Folding doors to the 9.84ft patio.
  • Living Room: Dimensions 18.70ft x 10.83ft. Area 202.47ft². Built-in furniture 16.24ft long, with fireplace (4.92ft x 2.62ft), storage on both, and left side shelves (5.66ft). Sofas (1 4-seater, 1 2-seater), 2 armchairs, and 2 poufs. Seats 10. Two tables (1.48ft x 1.23ft).
  • Dining Room: Dimension 16.77ft x 12.46ft, Area 169.53ft² of. Dining Table (3.94ft x 6.73ft), Seats 10. With a chest of drawers on the right side of the room (12.46ft x 1.97ft).
  • L-shaped kitchen with island: Dimension 16.90ft x 14.93ft. Area 252.23ft². On the perimeter of the two supporting wall cabinets with a counter depth of 1.67ft. (Above 0.98ft). With a length of 8.09ft on the stove side (3.94ft x 1.80ft of 7 burners) with an equipment and refrigerator storage cabinet of (5.00ft x 2.62ft), on the other side cabinets with 6.97ft long and a corner cabinet of 5.99ft x 1.97ft of the cupboard.

The island measures 9.68ft x 5.74ft. With 4 seats (can fit 4 more on the sides for festivities). Washing machine (2.62ft x 1.64ft).

  • Bar with storage: Dimension 11.16ft x 11.16ft. Area 124.43ft². L-shaped bar (10.50ft x 5.74ft), with 5 seats. Built-in storage cabinet at the back (10.50ft x 1.67ft), for wine cellar and refrigerator.

Laundry room

Dimension 5.74ft x 7.87ft. Area 45.21ft². Built-in “L” shaped storage cabinet for laundry, sink equipment (4.10ft x 5.91ft), front with a depth of 0.60m, and raised shelves with 0.98ft deep. Washing room with 2.46ft x 1.64ft.

Spa bathroom with sauna: Family and guest bathroom

Dimension 15.75ft x 11.48ft. Area 180.83ft². Divided into 5 functions, accessing the middle, with two to the sides and 3 to the back. To the right is the double washroom (1.97ft x 6.89ft), and to the left is the toilet room (4.59ft x 4.92ft). To the back left the Sauna (4.92ft x 6.23ft); two tiered seating (4.59ft x 1.64ft). In the center the bathtub (5.91ft x 3.78ft). On the far right, shower with double faucet (4.92ft x 6.23ft).

Private area

  • Dimensions vary. Area 1125.26ft². 3 bedrooms with terrace, and 1 bathroom with dressing room. Sliding doors to access the terraces.
  • Master bedroom: Varied dimensions. Area 551.085ft².
  • Bedroom: Dimensions 11.98ft x 13.45ft. Area 161.08ft². Headboard 10.50ft long King Size Bed with tables on the sides (1.97ft x 1.31ft), at the foot a 3-seater (6.56ft x 1.64ft). Front desk cabinet with storage (6.56ft x 1.64ft).
  • Terrace: Dimension 9.84ft x 13.94ft. Area 137.24ft². Furnished with 2 armchairs, 2 round tables, and plants.
  • U-shaped dressing room: Dimension 7.71ft x 8.53ft. Area 65.77ft² with a depth of 1.97ft for the cabinet (5.74ft on the sides and the front 4.59ft). Lighting by a skylight.
  • Spa Bathroom: Dimensions 11.81ft x 10.01ft. Area 118.19ft². Circulation is divided into 2 areas accessed by a corner, with the double wash down the right side (7.71ft x 1.64ft). To the rear Shower room with bath, separated by step (8.20ft x 5.25ft) divided by half the length. WC room (3.28ft x 4.92ft), at the end opposite the wash basins.

Guest room

Bedroom: Dimension 15.75ft x 11.48ft. Area 180.83ft². Bed (6.23ft x 7.22ft) with built-in nightstands to left with “L” shaped desk (2.95ft x 5.58ft, with 1.64ft depth and 4.59ft x 0.98ft raised shelf). To the right nightstand (2.95ft x 1.64ft), and to the side closet (7.87ft x 1.97ft). To the front dresser (6.23ft x 1.31ft).


 Dimension 5.91ft x 11.48ft. Area 67.81ft². Furnished with 2 armchairs, 1 round table, and plants.

Room for children or teenagers 2 beds

Bedroom: Dimension 15.75ft x 11.48ft. Area 180.83ft². 2 beds (3.28ft x 6.56ft) with 2 side night tables (1.80ft x 1.97ft), and a chest of drawers in the middle (3.61ft x 1.64ft). The two beds and the chest of drawers rest on a 10.17ft long headboard. On the right side a closet (7.87ft x 1.97ft). In front of the bed a desk (6.89ft x 1.80ft), with raised shelves 0.98ft deep for decoration, and a library.

Here we offer you the opportunity to have the plans of your dream house from the hand of our Architect Edna Ramirez. These luxury home plans are very simple and here you could see an idea of how they look like, so you can copy them or have them as a reference for a future project.

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