Dining rooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house because they serve a very specific function and hold very limited furniture. There does come a time when we do feel as if the dining room is taking up excessive space and ends ups being one of the smallest and most suffocating rooms in the whole house.

If you allot a bigger room to a dining table and a couple of chairs that won’t exactly be a smart idea. But what you can do is deploy some tactics to make your dining room look more spacious and better than it used to look. Here are some of our best tips:

Bring in Compact Furniture

This applies especially to those people who live in a small house. Big dining tables with lots of chairs are mostly suited to houses with big rooms and a generally big interior. Bigger tables also occupy a lot of unnecessary space which you can easily get rid of, especially if there are a few people being seated at the table at one point only.

This is why you should invest in a smaller table for your dining room. If it still holds everything you were putting up on your big table then congratulations! You just succeeded in making your room look bigger!

Round Tables

Keep in mind that round tables are much more compact than rectangular tables. One thing we absolutely love about these tables is that everything on it is really easy to access because all you have to do is extend a hand forward!

Also, the lack of sharp edges compensates for a lot of space that was previously lost as well. When you walk around your dining room, you wouldn’t have to go all the war across the dining table to reach the other side you can just go around it! This will automatically make your room look more spacious and airy.

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Let the Outside Air In

Keep the windows in your dining room open whenever you can. When the air from the outside will enter your dining room you will automatically feel the atmosphere of the room starting to change and look more appealing.

The other great thing about keeping your windows open is that there is a view of the outside in your room at all times. This will extend your viewing range a little and the room will seem more spacious to you. If your home is air-conditioned at all times, it will help you to put glass panes on the windows so even if the air doesn’t come in, the view is still there.

Hang Light Drapes

We absolutely love drapes on windows. It really feels as if windows are naked if there are no curtains surrounding it! But using certain kinds of drapes makes your room look small and claustrophobic. Even so, there are some amazing tactics to use your drapes so that they help your home look spacious and airy.

The best way to use drapes to your advantage is to make sure they are light and softly colored. Heavy drapes, especially those in darker colors, look great exclusively in bigger rooms. When you use lighter drapes, even the slightest of breezes can make them sway which is something that really makes a room look generous.

Another great thing about drapes is that they can give the illusion of a high ceiling as well, especially if the entire length of the drapes in within view. Higher ceilings automatically give a more breathable quality to any room. This is another tactic that works best with lighter drapes.

Don’t Add Unnecessary Furniture

A dining room is complete when you have a dining table and a couple of chairs to accompany it. A few shelves, cabinets, and some minimalistic decoration pieces are the maximum you will need and you should try your best to not exceed this.

We can also apply this rule to the number of chairs you keep with your table. It should always correspond to the number of people who eat there on a daily basis. For example, it is far too excessive to keep a six seating table in a dining room where only two people eat on a daily basis. A two people table, in this example, will be much more breathable and practical.

Light it well

dining room lightingpxhere

One of the most important things regarding the visible space of a room is the lighting. The better you light up a place the more spacious it will look to you. When there are some darker corners remaining in your dining room, they will sometimes seem non-existent. So this could cut the visible size of your room in half depending on the variation in lighting throughout the whole room.

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