One of the more expensive items in our homes, yet also one of the most used and essential is our bedroom mattress. After all, we sleep around one-third of our lives, so we need this product to support us well and last for the long term if we don’t want to have to keep replacing it.

Once you’ve purchased a quality, luxury mattress for your bedroom, take care of it well, so you extend its life and save money. Follow a few key steps to make your valued mattress last as long as possible.

Use a Mattress Protector

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Many people believe a mattress protector is something only used on old mattresses to make them seem cleaner, or on newer mattresses to make them look nicer for longer. However, these protectors do more than one job. They boost mattress longevity, too.

The reason for this is that as a secure and often waterproof barrier between people and their drinks, crumbs, dirt, dry skin, bacteria, hair, sweat, and other liquids, etc., the protectors keep debris away. As a result, the material of our sleeping aid stays fresher and drier because it doesn’t have so much unwanted “stuff” sitting on top of it and seeping into it. The mattress is less likely to get a buildup of mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens, as well. All of this means you get to enjoy a prolonged mattress life.

Support the Mattress with an Adequate Base

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Something else you can do to help your mattress stay in good shape for longer is to support it properly. Position it on top of an adequate base so that, over time, it doesn’t bend, sag, and otherwise collapse from your body weight, or wear in uneven ways. When you consider the fact that we sleep for around a third of our lives, you can imagine that this equates to a whole lot of hours when mattresses have to handle the significant weight on top of them.

Mattress supports are also helpful at keeping the sleeping products in better nick because they allow air to flow underneath and keep the underside of the mattress dry and less likely to attract bugs. To choose a proper base, pick a quality option designed for your mattress type. The most common solution is a frame with slats in it that the mattress sits on. Be sure to check these slats, as well as the frame, each year. Be on the lookout for signs you need to replace the base, such as weakness, cracks, sags, and breakages.

Keep Things Away from Your Mattress

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A mattress will last longer if not exposed to unnecessary items such as food and drink spills and pet hair. As such, try to avoid eating and drinking on top of your bed. If you really must, use a tray or other item to help stop crumbs and liquid from permeating down into the mattress.

Plus, as much as you might enjoy having your beloved pet snuggle up with you at night, and as much as they no doubt like it too, this situation doesn’t do your mattress any favors. Not only do animals drop hair but also dirt, bacteria, saliva, and more. Their sharp nails can rip through the fabric, too. Avoid having your pets sleep on your bed or beneath it or at the base. Any of these positions can attract dust mites and cause mattresses to degrade sooner than they otherwise would.

Also, if you have young children who love to jump on beds, discourage them from this practice. If they use the mattress as a trampoline, this adds more strain to the product. It isn’t beneficial for bedsprings or the longevity of the other materials.

Keep the Mattress and Its Bedding Clean

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Most people strip their beds and wash linen every week or two, but keep in mind that it’s also essential to clean your mattress periodically, too, and let it breathe. Once a quarter, after you take off all your bed linen and wash it (which should include your mattress protector), vacuum the top and sides of your mattress. Clean underneath it as well, and pay attention to the seams as this is where dust and little mites tend to hide.

Note, too, that keeping your sheets and quilts and blankets, etc. clean and fresh also helps to limit the amount of “muck” that ends up getting through to your mattress.

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Making your mattress last longer, so you get the most comfort and value for money out of it, doesn’t have to be taxing or complicated. Follow the steps above to extend the life of your sleeping aid today.

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