There are so many worktop materials in various colors and textures for installing into any style of B&Q or Homebase kitchen. All you require is a proper interior decoration plan and budget consideration to choose the best worktop material. 

Installing a new worktop in a kitchen can make a significant difference – not just in terms of aesthetics but performance as well. However, you must choose the right worktop material to smarten up your B&Q or Homebase kitchen. But deciding which worktop material is the best for you is tricky, as there are many options available in the market.

How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

One way to think about finding the right B&Q or Homebase worktops is by asking yourself – how do you use your kitchen? Different people use their kitchens for different purposes and for a distinct amount of time. Some people like their kitchen to appear beautiful, whereas others want to use it just for cooking and thus, want to focus more on practicality. Depending on your purpose and the time you spend in your kitchen, you can figure out which material would suit your lifestyle, as well as the budget.

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Best Materials for B&Q & Homebase Kitchen Surfaces

Take a look at some of the common materials for your B&Q & Homebase kitchen worktops:

1. Granite

Granite countertop

Granite worktops are beautiful and formed by the cooling of natural magma. It is quarried from the earth’s crust from different geographical locations. The result is a gorgeous looking worktop material that adds a luxurious touch to homes. There are various natural colors to choose from, and every color is likely to add value to the given space.


  • These are scratch-resistant
  • They dissipate heat efficiently
  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant and also bears antibacterial properties


  • They are heavy and quite cumbersome and hence, need considerable support to handle their weight.
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2. Quartz

Quartz countertop

Quartz worktops are a human-made alternative to conventional natural stone worktops. These are mixed with resin and pigments to create various colors and patterns, including marble and granite-like effects.


  • Since they don’t wear off comfortably, quartz are great B&Q worktops
  • They are available in a wide range of colors
  • Highly durable and strong
  • Resist scratches, etching, cracking and staining
  • Requires minimal maintenance and upkeep
  • Antibacterial


  • Heavy to transport
  • May crack under thermal shocks or high pressure

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3. Hardwood

Hardwood countertop
Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash CC0

Hardwood also makes an excellent Homebase kitchen worktop, as it adds a charming and warm touch to a kitchen. The lineups of oak, walnut, etc, ensure that you invest in certified and sustainable wood. However, always use teak wood around the kitchen sink, as these are water-resistant due to the presence of high oil content.


  • You can find a variety of wood options for B&Q kitchen worktops
  • Antibacterial in nature
  • Can be sanded in a variety of finishes
  • Ages beautifully


  • Sealing is needed to maintain its natural properties
  • Requires high maintenance and upkeep
  • Can scratch easily

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Laminate countertop

Another fantastic material to add versatility to B&Q kitchens is laminate. This worktop material offers various options to choose from, as it differs in finish and colors. It is also available in different designs and patterns, including marble or granite-effect surfaces.


  • Antibacterial
  • Less expensive
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Scratch-resistant


  • It can peel off if not fixed properly
  • It can burn or melt in contact with hot utensils
  • Can turn unhygienic

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marble countertops
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash CC0

Marble worktops are expensive compared to the other materials mentioned above. But no other material can match the aesthetics and elegance of marble worktops. It can instantly give a luxury makeover to your worktop or kitchen interior.

Many Italian marble brands offer marble in various textures, designs, and patterns for converting any interior into a stunning, stately style. Besides classic black and white marble worktops, today homeowners also prefer grey marble Homebase kitchen worktops for imparting a more vibrant appearance to the cooking space.


  • It is heat resistant and UV resistant. It can easily withstand a lot of heat without showing any signs of wearing.
  • Its natural beauty is its most significant advantage


  • It is an expensive worktop material
  • The surface is porous. So, it would help if you spent a lot of time to maintain and clean it regularly.
  • It needs professional sealing to avoid any stains or signs of dirt.
  • This worktop surface is prone to scratching due to sharp tools like knives. So, periodic sealing is needed to maintain the marble worktop for a longer duration.

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