After more than 15 years working in the design of painted scenery for movie theaters and operas, Marjorie Thomas decided to make her passion for interior fittings her occupation. She created her Meg Design workshop, where she designs uniquely beautiful bed headboards that are conceived like paintings.

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Unique pieces and limited series

Painter/decorator in the world of entertainment (including the Bastille Opera in Paris) and cinema for over a decade, Marjorie Thomas learned over the years how to work with various materials and multiple techniques: fake wood, fake marble, fake stone, aging a brand new décor and multiple tricks to deceive.

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She subsequently worked in collaboration with workshops for big French luxury houses like Dior and Guerlain. Making decor and putting in prestigious stages and sceneries led her to work with precious materials and to design increasingly sophisticated decoration pieces.

Impassioned by the decoration and interior design, she opens MegDesign studio in Paris; there she seeks to sublimate a room in which we spend most of our time: the bedroom.

autumn leaves headboard

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The creative designs original bed headboards conceived as pictorial works. She works multiple materials like plexiglass, wood, fabric and metal in achieving true “bed boards”. Inspired by her experiences and taste for the arts, the creations of Marjorie Thomas unveil a poetic and sensitive universe.

“My designs are there primarily to watch over the slumbers of my clients. I wish to make their rooms a world of tranquility and harmony where the hours spent sleeping become delightful. “

frieze headboard

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Among her favorite materials, the artist prefers to use copper, worked according to the same techniques as gilding with gold leaf.

“Since forever gold stands for precious and immortality. By discovering the copper foil, I entered a wonderful world. Copper is present but discreet, warm without being sparkling, smooth without being (cleared?erased?). This material allows a contemporary approach in its treatment and keeps the elegance and softness of the gold leaf. “

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