Looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh look without renovating it completely? Try installing the mitered edge countertop. Over the years, design sensibility of countertops and countertop slabs has gone through many, many iterations. Currently though, what seems to have impressed both professional designers and amateur home décor specialists is the mitered edge. 

Mitered edge countertops: what are they?

Countertops, tables and bars can look richer and more luxurious the moment you make the edges become the focal point of the design. This is where mitered edges come into play. 

mitered edgePhoto by designmilk on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

It is a deviation from the standard counters you see, in that it is made of two thick slabs of stone that are cut at a 45-degree angle and fabricated in a way that makes the veining wrap around the edges. 

You won’t see any visible joints and in fact, the countertop, or even your washbasin, will look like it is a solid slab of stone with veins flowing into the next segment around the angle. 

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Why would you want a mitered edge countertop?

The primary reason why mitered edge countertops are the new rage right now, is that they give a very expensive feel to your décor. As we mentioned, this is about two thick slabs of stone that have been cut and joined in a manner that no seams are visible. So it gives off the impression that you had the countertop fashioned from one big slab of stone rather than smaller cuts. 

Besides the obvious luxury factor, this style is also favored because it blends seamlessly into any contemporary or modern décor. Modern and contemporary décor sensibility is about designs that flow seamlessly without any obvious breaks or joints, and this is where the fluid design of the mitered edge comes into play. 

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Since a mitered countertop immediately draws attention, this is one of the most preferred elements when you are upgrading your home. Even if you haven’t gotten around to doing up the rest of your home, just having a washbasin, table, bar or countertop done up with a mitered edge will already lend a new look and feel to your interiors.

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