Thinking of replacing your countertops with new ones? Keep in mind that just stylish looks aren’t enough; your countertop needs to be durable and strong. Only then will it serve you for years while giving your space a spectacular look throughout. To help you choose the most durable countertops, we’ve listed out 10 best countertop materials in terms of durability along with their pros and cons. It doesn’t get easier than this! 

Whether you’re choosing the best surface for your home or business, you need countertops that can hold up well against heat, stains, high traffic, and other everyday impacts.

Fortunately, thanks to technology, there are lots of countertop options on the market. And we have curated a list of the most durable countertops for you. So, let’s begin exploring all the different types of countertop materials and help make your remodeling decision easy.

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10 Most durable countertops and their materials

1. Granite countertop

Granite countertopImage by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay CC0

Interestingly, granite is and will always remain one of the most popular countertop materials and for good reason. Granite defines elegance while being strong and durable. It’s almost impervious to heat and doesn’t need much maintenance if sealed well. Although its cost is a bit on the higher side, it will give your space a touch of luxury with its beauty.

Fortunately, there’s something called engineered granite on the market today. One notch above natural granite, this stone too is extremely durable and is heat and scratch-resistant. What’s more, the sturdy, easy-to-maintain countertop is available in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Whether it’s engineered granite or natural, there are some pros and cons that you need to look into before zeroing in on such a countertop.

Pros Cons
Strong and durable One of the most expensive materials
Adds value to a house Granite slabs may have imperfections
Heat and scratch-resistant Requires professional installation
Available in many colors and types May crack under duress
Almost maintenance-free if sealed properly Requires sealing to avoid staining as it’s porous

2. Soapstone countertop

Soapstone countertopBlack Soapstone Countertops, by Govi Reddy – on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Here’s another natural stone that is quite hard and resistant to stains. It has a smooth, silky feel that takes on an antique-like patina. If you like the old-world charm of dark, aged countertops — this material is perfect for your kitchen countertop, bathroom countertop, or even sink. It also looks very attractive.
However, keep in mind that the soapstone countertop may scratch over time.

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Pros Cons
Available in a rich, deep color May become darker over time
Looks attractive due to its antique look Requires professional countertop installation
Heat-resistant Should be treated with mineral oil
Somewhat resistant to stains May scratch or dent
Any damage can be sanded out

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3. Marble countertop 

Marble countertopMarble Kitchen Countertops, by Govi Reddy – on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

This natural stone screams out luxury. And hence, it’s the most expensive countertop material. And, waterproof too! 

Moreover, every marble countertop is entirely unique as no two marble sheets are exactly the same. Most homeowners use the material sparingly — perhaps as part of a counter or as a kitchen island — in order to keep their renovation costs down.

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The downside to marble is that it’s not resistant to staining and scratching. You can, of course, tackle the problem with good-quality sealers.

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Pros Cons
Looks beautiful and luxurious Expensive material
Is unique because of its veining patterns Requires professional installation
Waterproof May scratch
Heatproof May stain easily as it’s porous
Adds value to a real estate Difficult repair

4. Concrete countertop 

A concrete counter is one of the most durable choices for homes and businesses. Any shape of countertop you want, however unusual, concrete will make your work easier. This extremely versatile material can easily mimic the look and feel of natural stone, metal, or even wood. And, no, it doesn’t look like the drab slabs found on sidewalks. It’s a polished material that may even be textured or acid-stained to achieve a particular color.

Since it’s made from a mix of mortar, sand, and pigments — you do have multiple color options. 

However, keep in mind that this porous material needs regular sealing — beginning at the time of the installation. Otherwise, it may easily stain. Also, large concrete countertops may have visible seams that need to be minimized with a quality filler.

Pros Cons
Heat resistant May crack over time
Scratch-resistant Requires regular sealing
Versatile countertop material Not a DIY project
Available in different color tints and textures Customization may be costly

5. Quartz countertop  

Quartz countertopImage by Addi Gibson from Pixabay CC0

This is an engineered stone, made up of 93 percent quartz crystals and other minerals. The mixture is then shaped into slabs and bound with polymer resin. 

A quartz countertop is durable, smooth, and exceptionally beautiful. Furthermore, since it’s nonporous, the material is strong and easy to maintain – with absolutely no sealing required. And, that’s not all, a quartz countertop is stain- and scratch-resistant too. 

The man-made substance can be designed in a spectrum of colors and can easily mimic a granite or marble counter. It’s the perfect choice for residential homes or commercial areas such as restaurants and bars. 

If there are so many advantages, there will be a catch too. Quartz corners and edges have been known to chip. 

Pros Cons
Beautiful looking with no imperfections Expensive
Resists stains Quite heavy slabs
Impervious to heat and acid May chip if not carefully installed
Easy to maintain
No sealing required
Easy installation; can be a DIY project
Available in different shapes, colors, and sizes

6. Solid surface countertop 

This modern countertop material is virtually seamless! Moreover, it’s nonporous and resistant to mold and mildew. And, is easy to clean too. 

This type of material is available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can use the versatile material for your counters, sinks, and backsplashes. 

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However, keep in mind that although such a countertop is resistant to most stains, it is NOT heat-resistant and may scratch and cut easily. If you’re contemplating having a solid surface countertop for your kitchen, do remember to use a cutting board for all your chopping work. 

Pros Cons
Seamless Vulnerable to damage from excess heat
Stain-resistant Require professional fabrication
You can sand out any damage Cannot be a DIY project
Available as integrated sink-countertop units Slightly expensive
Many colors and patterns
Easy installation; can be a DIY project
Available in different shapes, colors, and sizes

7. Stainless steel countertop

A stainless steel countertop lends a contemporary and industrial look to your living space. It’s heat resistant and really durable. Designed to your specifications, it’s usually a seamless countertop.

Pros Cons
Impervious to heat damage Expensive
Looks contemporary Can be noisy
Easy to clean May scratch
Adds value to a house

8. Recycled glass countertop

Recycled countertopsVetrazzo Countertops, by Shannon Demma on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

This sleek countertop is durable, shiny, and stunning. Interestingly, it’s made when recycled glass (from beer and liquor bottles) and then mixed with resin or man-made stones. What you get is a shiny, eco-friendly finish that’s really attractive. 

The best part is that it’s heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Simply put, it’s the perfect countertop material for remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or commercial space.

Pros Cons
Looks contemporary May stain if not sealed properly
Stain and heat resistant May chip with the impact of a heavy object
Scratch and cut resistant Requires professional installation
Eco-friendly option

9. Wood countertop

Wooden countertopsquare sink, by Matt MacGillivray on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

There’s something really beautiful and warm about wooden countertops. Usually, manufacturers use hardwoods or wood species such as maple and oak. Wood is really long-lasting if properly cared for. If you don’t want a complete wooden counter, you can use wood to install a butcher block in your kitchen. 

Pros Cons
Long-lasting Expensive option
Easy to clean May scratch, stain, crack or cut with sharp knives
Can be sanded or resealed Bacteria may pose a problem
Looks beautiful and warm Requires regular sealing and oiling

10. Ceramic tile countertop 

Tile countertopImage by Ben Landers from Pixabay CC0

A ceramic tile counter is durable, easy to clean, and not very expensive. It’s the perfect choice for a DIYer.

Fortunately, it’s available in many design options, including tiles that look like wood, marble, cork, or even leather. 

Pros Cons
Easy to clean Expensive customization
Affordable option May crack under heavy impact
Easy installation Grout lines may stain
Immune to heat damage
Available in a variety of colors and styles

Last words

If you want to replace a countertop that’s scratched, scorched, or stained — or just want to change it because you got bored of the existing one — this article is for you. Our 10 most durable countertops and their materials will not just last long but also transform your space in the most beautiful way. 

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Mindy Jollie
Mindy Jollie

I like what you said about the durability of concrete countertops. I really like the industrial look of that style. My husband and I will have to see if we can get those countertops in our remodel.

I have a personal crusade against marble countertops. Only because is a statue material doesn’t mean that is good enough for kitchen. The bloody stain in them are enslaving, and makeing a bad planification for its design could make expensive modifications