In recent years, sustainability was often cited as one of the most desirable qualities you can attain in life which shouldn’t come off as a real surprise considering all the hurdles life keeps throwing our way. Moving from a large house producing high upkeep costs to a smaller and more economical apartment definitely fits this trend.

But, as beneficial as this move can prove to be long-term, it would be overly optimistic to think that moving to a significantly lower amount of square footage and abandoning all the amenities that are associated with owning a yard doesn’t come without certain challenges.

On the contrary – downsizing almost always entails a healthy dose of compromise. But, with enough effort, creative thinking, and hard work, downsizing can be successfully pulled off. Let’s take a look at a couple of tips that should help you along the way.

Make a list of the necessary possessions

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People tend to grow very attached to their possessions which often leads to hoarding and eats up too much valuable square footage. The thing is that as much as you hold some things valuable, they don’t play any role in your life – clothes you don’t wear, books you don’t read, appliances you don’t use… All these things should be sold, moved, or donated before you start packing. If you have a problem dealing with this chore, try to make a list of household items you have actually used over the last year or two and you will get a much clearer idea about the items and tools you actually need to live comfortably.

Think about the creative storage options

When moving to a smaller apartment, losing valuable storage space is the biggest challenge you need to deal with. And even with your best efforts to ditch the items you don’t use this problem will keep popping up whenever you lose focus. So, when you get a good idea about the apartment where you are going to move, think about creative ways to use available square footage to get more storage. In this case, you should think in the vane of maximizing the use of vertical space, leveraging furniture pieces with built-in storage space, and compartmentalizing available storage space with organizers.

Look for apartments suitable for your lifestyle

Essentially, if you focus on your habits and lifestyle choices instead of some arbitrary qualities you will be able to find a home that won’t affect your daily routine in any sensible way. For instance, some spacious luxury apartments for rent in Chicago that can be found on the market today may allow you to achieve a much better work-life balance than insisting on the traditional households in the suburbs. Do your best then to single out a couple of qualities you find important – productivity, health, working out, room for family, etc. – and start looking for the apartments that fit your lifestyle. All the other pieces will fall into place soon after.

Use tailor-made furniture

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The available furniture chains are doing their best to produce slim and versatile pieces designed to fit any type of space. But, when you are fighting for every square foot and uncompromised lifestyle, tailor-made furniture pieces present a much better option. Far too often, people just can’t squeeze that one giant book on the shelf or can’t do their yoga because they keep hitting the drawer. That, in turn, causes further adjustment, new purchases, and new lifestyle compromises. So, get the furniture pieces on your own terms. Once again, slim, hanging items and vertical space will be your biggest ally.

Leverage popular design trends

By that, we primarily mean the open floor plans that eliminate unnecessary walls and turn your living space into one big playground where you can freely roam and move to zones designed for more specific activities. This way, you are not only reclaiming space otherwise occupied by walls but also get more freedom with furniture pieces and create a flexible layout that can be easily adjusted to the current needs. Your room can be transformed from a cozy dining space to an indoor gym in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind, though, that going this route will probably require more room in your budget.

Make your new apartment smarter

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The latest-gen smart home gadgets do a great job in streamlining and optimizing your life and when moving to a smaller apartment for rent in Pasadena, for example, streamlining and optimizing is exactly what you want to get. So, smart refrigerators can help you make better use of your supplies and reduce the volume of food you stockpile and ultimately throw away. Smart ovens can replace much bigger and bulkier kitchen items. Smart TVs can replace a whole range of household devices you keep around to get entertainment. If you can’t afford a massive library, get yourself a Kindle. The options you have at the table are limitless.

Think about the emotional implications

Last but not least, we would like to point out that, even if you manage to create the most functional living space, moving from a giant house with a big yard to a smaller enclosed apartment can prove to be very emotionally challenging, especially if that`s your first apartment ever. Do your best then to make this transition simpler by opening up the space with expansive windows, mirrors, and soft colors like blue and white. Also, the scientific facts claim that indoor plants have a positive influence on your physical and mental health so move them in as well. Having enough room to engage in your hobbies and physical activities is also very important.

We hope these couple of tips helped you get a better understanding of how to perform your future downsizing in the most optimal, streamlined, and effective manner. If you are struggling to maintain a large household, moving to a smaller apartment can be one of the best moves you can ever make. But, if you are not careful and overlook the common downsizing mistakes, you can only create new pitfalls and spend your life trying to climb out of them. Use the tips we gave you and you will be able to live your life the way you deserve and leave all the issues in your old home.

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