Are you planning to build or remodel a patio? It’s a good idea to go beyond choosing a patio material that just looks good. You must build a patio that’s strong and durable — lasting you a long, really long time. We have eight gorgeous patio stone ideas that will woo you with their looks and style.

While building a porch doesn’t give you as much of a high ROI as a deck addition, it certainly costs much less. And, a stone patio is a great choice for those who want to keep the costs down. Plus, a stone patio has its own appeal. 

Whether you want to work on a DIY project for your outdoor living or hire a professional landscape architect, a stone patio will fit beautifully into your remodeling budget. Most stones don’t cost as much as other patio materials and are easily available. What’s more, they blend in with the surrounding environment admirably.

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The average cost of building a stone patio runs approximately $14 per square foot. It can range from $10 to $30 per square foot. A complete stone patio installation costs about $2,500 and can go as high as $25,000. It depends on the type of stone, total square footage, the complexity of the work, the patio layout, and your geographical location. Keep in mind that stones sourced locally are cheaper. 

Pea gravel is one of the cheapest patio stone ideas. It costs around $6 to $10 per square foot. Moreover, it’s easy to install. Since you don’t need to harden or set these loose stones, even a novice DIYer can use the stones to create the most unique patio designs.

So, what’s the best type of stone for a patio? Your selection of a stone for your patio depends on your preference, style of your house, the patio area, and your budget. From the pricey bluestone to the traditional brownstone and the trendy limestone, there are a variety of different types of stones available on the market. 

Keep in mind that the type of stone you choose for your patio has a huge impact on its look and feel. You can always mix and match different textures, colors, and materials for a beautiful looking stone patio. 

Add a few patio benches, some exotic patio planters and you’ve got yourself the perfect place to relax and entertain your friends and family!

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Patio stone ideas

Here’s our collection of some beautiful patio stone ideas. You too can create a gorgeous looking stone patio design that you and your family will love.

1. Lay out those stone tiles

Stone tiles

Photo by Pxhere CC0

We love the way these stone tiles or cut stones offer the most perfect flooring for your outdoor patio. They create a lovely enclosure where you can dine and entertain in style. And, the textured tiles offer traction without being too uneven. 

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2. Bring in the variegated bluestone

This bluestone patio looks inviting with its variegated streaks. Perfect for a small backyard patio, these stone pavers beautifully help to demarcate the seating area. We love the exquisite planters and bench. Gives a tropical vibe, doesn’t it? You could add a water feature if space permits you so. 

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3. Build an asymmetrical flagstone patio

Flagstone, identified by its irregular shape, is a popular choice for patios. And, for good reason. The large, flat slabs of stone offer a slightly roughened surface that looks quite quaint. This type of patio provides good traction when wet.

We love the beautiful vintage-style patio under a pergola. There couldn’t have been a better stone flooring for this patio.   

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4. Create an oasis with a stone patio

You have to admit it, there’s something inherently appealing about a stone patio. The earthy tones add a warm vibe to any style of home. This large circular patio has a beautifully designed stone layout that goes well with this house made of brick walls. The stoney patio is a great prelude to the impeccably landscaped yard beyond.

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5. Design a beautiful textured stone patio

We love how these stones add a lovely texture to any patio. Notice how the homeowner has mixed the stone slabs with marble (another natural stone) to create a lovely outdoor fire pit. With comfortable patio furniture, this outdoor space makes for the perfect sit-out. 

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6. Add a lovely travertine floored patio

Travertine is a type of limestone that has unique swirls that add to its charm. These travertine pavers make this covered patio look like a mini cottage with brick walls and a matching fireplace with stacked stones. And, here’s a tip: a limestone paver patio will be scratch-resistant and will hold up beautifully when exposed to the elements.

7. Mix granite with grass for a classy look

These small-sized granite stone tiles go well with the lush grass to give your patio a cozy vibe. The patio features a fire pit to warm you up during those get-togethers on cold winter nights. We like how the patio’s boundary has been cleverly marked by using light-colored tiles. This low-maintenance patio idea is perfect for those who prefer to take things easy.  

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8. Get unique patio flooring with unfinished flagstone

Sometimes, the simplest patio stone ideas are the most beautiful. We love the raw appeal of these unfinished stone slabs. There’s a uniqueness in the way each stone is laid in a random manner.  And, here’s another tip to enhance the aesthetic value of your stone patio: plant some woolly thyme or Turkish Veronica between the stones for a breathtaking ground cover.

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Last words

Natural stone is a great material for an outdoor patio. It’s strong enough to stand the test of time and beautiful enough to create a quaint place where you can relax with your loved ones. We hope our patio stone ideas inspire you to design a little paradise of your own. Happy renovating!   

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