Paul Venaille is an independent designer based in Pantin, France. Fascinated by wood and its artistic possibilities, Venaille delved into the craft of cabinetmaking in order to combine his passion for creating with working with such a noble and natural material. Through his creations, Paul Venaille offers a global vision of design, all the way from design through to manufacturing.


modern pink chair

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Accompanying Design from Creation to Completion

For Paul Venaille, his love of manual work and his desire to express himself using various materials showed up early in his life and pointed him down what seemed to be an obvious artistic path. After studying architecture, Venaille developed a special passion for wood, which motivated him to undertake training in carpentry and in cabinetmaking. Working with his preferred raw material allows him to fulfill his dream: to master carpentry and ably accompany his creations through all the stages of their development.

modern wooden table

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In his workshop, located near Paris in Pantin, Venaille primarily designs furniture. At the heart of his approach is the search for a balance between the sensations of lightness and stability. The lines are clean, and the shapes are often soft and light, almost seeming to escape from the pieces themselves.

modern furniture construction
Hiding behind the apparent simplicity of Venaille’s designs are a serious reflection on ergonomics and a dialogue between matter and color. These are made possible by his choice of materials, whose technical and aesthetic characteristics are first carefully studied by the designer-cabinetmaker himself. He does not limit his creations to wood and, in fact, his creations allow him to regularly address new materials, such as metal and fiberglass, which he works with individually or in combination.

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Paul Venaille was rewarded for his artistry and craft in 2014 when he was declared the winner of a competition for young talent by Atelier d’Art de France. Noticed by the press, his work is now in demand by individuals and decorators who have been seduced by his lovingly created arts and crafts objects with contemporary and unique designs.

modern blue chair

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Baby Blue

Baby Blue is emblematic of the work of Paul Venaille. Made of solid oak and fiberglass, Baby Blue is a lounge chair. Its base in oak detaches from the seat, giving it a sensation of floating and lightness. The blue of the seat emphasizes the curves of the chair, and reinforces the contrast between fullness and emptiness of the whole piece.

modern black chair

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Ch’air seems to want to conquer any space it finds itself in. Made of carbon fiber, this chair is not too bulky, and artfully uses this modern material that is both strong and flexible. Its curves and clean lines make it a comfortable and light seat, as well as a stunning piece of art.

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