Resident at Ateliers de Paris, Pauline Krier is a young furniture upholsterer. She declared her biting humor very early on by offering each of the unique armchairs she creates a particular story. By gently mocking our shortcomings and our habits, this designer creates seats that leave no one feeling indifferent.

Pauline Krier with her modern chair
Pauline Krier, Creative Mind and Seat Restorator
At the beginning of her career, Krier opted to acquire the creativity and discipline necessary for mastering an ancient art, though her passion for upholstery started when a friend lent her a broken chair. Right after her studies, the young upholsterer founded her own workshop, where she designs, dresses and restores all types of furniture. In September 2015, she joined the famous Ateliers de Paris, a place where young designers commit to the craft of art. That same year, her work was exhibited at the prestigious French show Révélation, a major event dedicated to the creation of exceptional pieces.

modern chair designs

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Telling a Story

Unlike many of her colleagues, Krier restores and dresses her seats by conferring on them a rather personal touch. She explains her approach as the desire to add a note of humor and lightness to a highly codified and traditional sector. For the designer, offering a story – whether funny or moving – about her furniture pieces presents an opportunity to sublimate it, and to question our relationships with the anonymous objects of everyday life.

artistic chairs for saleWith the Anatomia chair, the designer draws from her own experience; born into a family of doctors, she insinuates a parallel with her everyday life in the repairing, healing and treating of her “patients”. The backrest of the Louis XVI Anatomia chair is adorned with a multitude of white tissue organs, and a mobile heart can be detached and replaced as desired.

artistic chairs

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When considering the difference between an artist and a craftsman, Krier offers a personal reply with Empreintes (Imprints), her collection of stools, “Artist, Artisan … You can question the imprint they leave on their works; I leave the imprint of my ass!” Made of cherry wood and garnished with vegetable fiber, the stools have seats embroidered in cotton or wool, and feet covered in gold leaf. With a curious glance, onlookers can’t help but notice that the back of the seat – traditionally sober since it’s usually hidden – is covered with graphic, flowery and colorful patterns.

artistic painted chairs

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Attracted by the know-how and techniques necessary for designing and developing her stunning furniture pieces, her collaboration with other Parisian artisans continues to open up new perspectives. In her latest creations Krier appeals to glassmakers when designing accessories, and she collaborates with illustration artists in order to conceive the decorations that will be found on her new pieces.

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