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A sunroom also referred to as sun parlor or sun lounge, makes us imagine a light-filled room to enjoy sunny days and to keep plants happy and warm. Adding a sunroom would not only make your house more attractive but also adds space, value, and a good amount of sunshine into your home.  Let us explore the various types, benefits, and costs of sunroom addition.

Sunroom types

Depending on the lifestyle, preferences, and budget, one can choose from a variety of sunroom types.

1. Three-season sunroom

A three-season sunroom is usually used during the warmer months of the year. They are the most popular sunrooms and are usually enclosed in glass.

sunroom additions cost

2. Four-season sunroom

This heated room can be used all year long. Closely related to the sunroom, this option is designed to be heated and cooled. As a result, it can be enjoyed year-round.

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3. Solarium

Also called “conservatory” is a seasonal room, it is a room with glass walls on all sides including the top.

It can be accessed from the inside and is intended to serve as a living area, but can get very hot or cold during summer and winter.

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4. Attached greenhouse

It’s a four-season room designed for plants. An attached greenhouse structure offers light, temperature, and humidity levels that are designed for plants, not humans.

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5. Screen rooms and Porch Enclosures

If you want to make the most of your porch area and enjoy the views irrespective of the weather conditions, you should consider porch enclosures. The porch enclosure can be screen or glass. Instead of having glass or walls, if it is covered in mesh, it offers the advantage of fresh air without insects. It is enjoyable only when the weather is nice of course.

Materials used

Understanding the components that go into a seasonal room will help you select the type of room you want.

  • Vinyl is one of the most popular materials used for the supports. It is cheap, requires minimal upkeep, and provides great strength and insulation. It is available mainly in white.
  • Aluminum is more expensive as vinyl, and not as good an insulator.
  • Wood is a pricey option, but is also a more appropriate choice for screen rooms, easily allowing you to attach the screen mesh to the timbers. Wood does need some maintenance once in a while.
  • Glass walls should be silicone double-sealed, A-rated, and labeled “tempered safety” to meet building code requirements.

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How much does a sunroom cost?

  • Sunrooms of standard materials start at $15,000. Top-of-the-line aluminum and glass sunrooms topping out at $22,000. Of course, prices will vary by design, materials, your region, and the amount of work you’ll do yourself.
  • Construction costs of four-season rooms will vary, too, according to heating and cooling demands and finish details. Expect to pay at least $20,000 for a finished room.
  • Screened porches are a comfortable option for a far lower price tag. You can get the results you want for $5,000 to $10,000.

Sunroom Inspiration

Simple and clean sunroom to refresh and relax:

Go green with your sunroom:

sunroom plants
Sun Room by Brett Whysel from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Cozy and warm sunrooms with fireplaces:

sunroom fireplace

Rustic sunroom:


  • An inexpensive addition to the house
  • Adds square footage
  • Increases the value of your house
  • Allows you to enjoy nature without stepping outside
  • Increases your living space
  • Allows great amounts of natural sunlight
  • Puts a less used space to use
  • Benefits your health, reduces your stress with fresh air and sunshine
  • With special insulation and ventilation, sunrooms are energy efficient all year long
  • Sunrooms make excellent workout rooms
  • Best place for setting up the home office to increase creativity and productivity
  • Provides extraordinary starry night sky views

If you want a room with all the above-mentioned benefits, it is about time you consider adding a sunroom to enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying the shelter of your home.

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