Popcorn ceilings can help control sound and disguise flaws, but it’s hard to get past the dated look they lend to a room. If you’re looking to get rid of your popcorn ceiling, consider these things before you start the process to avoid messes and costly damage to your property.

Understanding costs

When you decide to bring in a professional to remove your popcorn ceiling, it’s worth doing a little math to determine exactly how money you need to spend on the project. On average, most homeowners spend about $1,351 on this work. Keep in mind that this price may vary depending on the size of the room, as well as the specific contractor you work with.

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Should I have it removed?

Popcorn ceilings do not have to be removed from an older home, but many people choose to do so because of their look. They can quickly give a space a dated feeling and make it seem more like a commercial office space. However, one positive you may want to consider is its finishing. It’s easy to hide mistakes in the texture of a popcorn ceiling.

If you’re interested in eventually selling your home, you might want to get rid of the ceiling sooner rather than later. Buyers may not want such an old-fashioned-looking ceiling, giving a popcorn ceiling the potential to detract from the value of your home as a whole.

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Hazards and challenges

Depending on the age of your house, there is a chance that your popcorn ceiling may include asbestos. A licensed, professional contractor will be able to help you test your ceiling for this dangerous material, which can cause a slew of health complications. You should not attempt to remove your popcorn ceiling on your own, as you risk releasing the contaminants into your home. For this reason, it’s always best to consult a professional.

Another challenge you and your contractor may run into is paint. In the event that a popcorn ceiling has been sealed with a layer of paint, it may be more difficult to remove the material without a chemical stripper. However, an expert will be able to handle the job without causing damage to the underlying ceiling or structure of your home.

As you look to eliminate the popcorn ceiling, be aware of extra costs that may stem from the job. For example, it may cost hundreds of dollars to safely remove asbestos from your home. You may also want to invest in a new finish for your ceiling once the “popcorn” is gone. By taking these costs into account, you can ensure you’re never sticker-shocked at the end of your project.

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